Railroad Day - how many will be celebrated in 2016. How to beautifully and genuinely congratulate on the Railway Worker's Day friends or friends


In order to present congratulations on the Day of the railwayman of 2016 to the employees of the branch in time, you need to know exactly what date they celebrate their professional holiday. Each year the celebration falls on different dates, but always falls on the first Sunday in August. So look ahead in the calendar and find out on which particular day to prepare warm words, touching verses and kind, sincere wishes to those who every day does everything so that we can travel around the country with convenience and comfort.

What date will the Railwayman's Day be celebrated in 2016?

Railway Day has a long history and is celebrated in the Russian Federation every year.Established a memorable date back in pre-revolutionary times in honor of the momentous event - the laying of the first railways in Russia. Emperor Nicholas I became the initiator of the construction and under his strict guidance in the country stretched a railway line to Tsarskoye Selo and connected the two most important cities in the country, Moscow and St. Petersburg, by train.


At first, the Railwayman's Day was celebrated on June 25 on the eve of the birthday of Emperor Nicholas, however, after the October Revolution, this tradition was somehow forgotten. It was revived only in 1936, but moved the celebration to July 30th. A little later, the Soviet government decided to fix for the holiday not a clear date, but the first Sunday of August. Since then, in order to find out how many to celebrate the Day of the railroad, you have to check the calendar without fail. Well, for those who have no time to do this, we suggest that in 2016 the holiday falls on August 7th.

Congratulations on the Day of the Railwayman in prose


Congratulations on the Railwayman's Day in prose will be appropriately heard at official events dedicated to the professional holiday.They can be pronounced from the stage at a gala evening or written on leaflets and posters intended for decorating the working premises. The lines should sound cheerful and very sincere, so that the workers of the railway clearly understand how highly their industry leaders, relatives, friends, comrades and friends appreciate their work.


Congratulations are flying today from the West to the East, on all railway lines. Congratulations on the Railway Day! Thank you for making our trips comfortable and safe, even if our railways remain the same excellent, and their employees will be the happiest!


Dear railway workers! Thank you for your hard work that you are doing in good faith. We wish you good health and excellent well-being. Love you, happiness, simple human joys, which brightens the life path, making it even more enjoyable. Let your work give you as many positive emotions and interesting moments as possible.

Dear railway workers! Today is your holiday, and we are pleased to congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts, to thank you for the most important and hard work that allows us to freely move around the expanses of our endless homeland and beyond.Thank you for your good faith and the invaluable work that you do every day for the sake of our well-being.

Railroad Day - postcards and pictures

The warmest, inspirational and touching poetic or prose congratulations on the Railway Worker's Day will make an even brighter and more impressive impression if you write it on a colorful, catchy postcard and present it to the hero of the occasion personally along with a small themed souvenir decorated with railway attributes.




Railroad Day - short SMS greetings in verses

On the Railwayman's Day, short, optimistic and vigorous SMS greetings should be sent to those professions who are on the way at this moment and it is not possible to personally say good words to them. After reading a pleasant, festive message far from home, a person will feel spiritual warmth and even at a distance he will feel how dear he is to relatives and close people.


Railwaymen honor and praise,
The road is so easy, calm was!
Forces and good luck, prosperity, good,
Love, mutual understanding always,
Let your paths be bright,
His star Happiness in life to find!


Your railway is calling,
So let her lead you to the dream!
I wish there was a lot of luck
And happiness - so that the car for a whole year!
Let the station Love meets you,
Work never grieves!


Let you railroad
Leads to the realization of a dream
May there be a lot of happiness in life
Flowers bloom in your soul.
Let the sound of wheels sound like a nice song
Well, the work will be interesting!

Happy Railroad Day - poems and congratulations

August 7th - that's how many in 2016 the Day of the Railway Worker is celebrated in Russia. On the eve of the professional holiday, every employee of the railway receives congratulations, ranging from a modest wagon conductor to a solid and serious director of the Moscow railway station. Workers in the industry in verse and prose are grateful for the difficult daily work and wish every success, financial well-being, family happiness and good luck even in the longest way.


Rails, sleepers sleepers
And the wheel restart.
Come back tired
In your kind family circle.

You are brave and reliable -
Here is the success secret.
An important choice is yours and difficult:
In the railway service
There is no room for errors.

Your schedule is saturated tight -
Semaphores, cities ...
For the roadway,
For trains, trains,

And for life safety
You always answer.
This is your holiday today:
Happiness, joy, victories!

It will be good luck with you
You live, not hiding faces.
You are a hero of your time.
Congratulations to the whole country!

It seems to us that she has no end,
The railway is endless!
The names of the stations also have no number -
But this is unknowingly, of course.

Railway all stronger
Shoulders, like rays, the world brings.
From the southern mountains to the northern seas,
From west to east runs,

Railway, as always,
Alive caregivers,
And, life is howl devoting to the road,
They put their soul into that work.

We send our bow in your holiday,
And gratitude is infinite, like a road,
Which is growing every day
Bringing us together more and more from year to year.


Today is your holiday, friends
I hurry to congratulate you
And I want to wish you,
So as not to be rude here and there!

To not litter on the platform,
Throwing different stuff everywhere.

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