Ribbon Flower

Flower from ribbons
Girls and women often think about what kind of accessory to their outfit. And it happens that you are looking for a special gift for your girlfriend for a long time. Now you should not worry about it, because you can make your unique accessory or a gift to someone. In this article, you will learn how to make an unpretentious, but very pretty kanzashi flower with your own hands. To make such a flower, you will need: • Glue gun or transparent building glue • • Organza or tulle • • Scissors, • Candle, • Piece of cardboard., • Bead for intermediates.
 to make such a flower
So, first we'll make a blank for future le pestkov. Take a ribbon (I used a ribbon 5 cm wide) and cut it into 5 × 5 squares. Such squares we need 32-37 pieces. Now cut each piece of ribbon in half. Take the candle and gently sing the edges of the ribbons.This is done to ensure that the fabric is not ragged and it is convenient to work with.
cut it into small squares
To make a petal, take one piece of ribbon and fold it as shown in the photo below. Cut one corner and again scorch the edges. On the other hand, bend the edges towards each other and slightly melt the fabric over the candles. Then quickly press with your fingers or tweezers in place of the alloy, so that the leaf keeps its shape and does not disintegrate. To wrinkle the ribbon, you must hold it for 2-3 seconds above the fire at a distance of about 20 cm. Of all the ribbons, form similar petals.
scorch the edges of the ribbons
 above the fire at a distance
 bring to the candle
Now we will make the basis on which the petals will be attached. Cut a small circle out of cardboard (4-5 cm in diameter). From the tape, cut another square and stick them on both sides of the cardboard. Superfine cut, and edges scorched.
Extra cut
Glue the petals to the base. Put a little glue on the petal and stick it to the edge of the mug. Continue to stick the leaves in a circle. The first row is ready! Getting down to the second. Now the petals need to be glued closer to the center of the circle, between the petals of the previous row. Next glue the petals of the third row. Each petal should be in contact with the next, so glue them tightly to each other and closer to the middle. The line of the last, upper row of leaves remains. They will be enough for five to seven pieces.  Making the grounds
 glue the petals to the base
 glue several rows = = glue several rows">
and toq several
It is time do the petals of organza. Cut pieces of fabric from 5 × 5 centimeters. Cut a piece of paper from each piece, you can use a cardboard blank or cut it by eye. Now paste these sheets to the base, only on the reverse side.
 the flower is almost ready
 organza petals
For completion of the flower, it is necessary to attach a bead to the center. You can have a rhinestone, decorative pebble or something else. That's all! Our flower is fully prepared.
 sheets to base
 flower as a brooch
But you do not think that such a flower is completely useless. It can be used as a brooch. To do this, you simply need to stick a pin to the base of the flower. It can also be a festive bow. Glue the hair tie, hairpin or hairpin and you’re ready to make an exclusive hair ornament.

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