Salad for March 8 - simple recipes with photos step by step - How to cook and decorate for a holiday on March 8, 2017 delicious salads

S8M-014To make a salad on March 8th turned out to be not only tasty, but also very spectacular in appearance, it needs to be unusual and creatively decorated. And how to do it right, will tell our new selection of simple and affordable recipes with step by step photos. Following these simple tips, you can easily prepare original, bright dishes for the festive table and will delight family, friends and loved ones with a luxurious treat. Perhaps some of the recipes will be loved by you especially strongly and will become the crown dishes not only for solemn moments, but also on weekdays. After all, even the simplest salad, decorated with a bouquet of tulips or a delicate chamomile field, will easily lift your spirits and create a joyful atmosphere not only on March 8, but on any other day.

Beautiful and delicious salad on March 8 - the best recipes with photos step by step

How to make a beautiful, tasty and juicy salad by March 8, will tell you a detailed recipe with step by step photos. There are no particular difficulties in preparation, but simple and affordable products are included. But due to the unusual and spectacular exterior design, the dish looks refined and original.


Ingredients for a beautiful and tasty festive salad recipe

  • potatoes - 2 pieces
  • carrots -1 pcs
  • eggs - 4 pieces
  • fresh champignons - 300 g
  • sorrel - 1 bunch
  • pink radish - 1 pc
  • Mayonnaise - 3 tbsp.
  • olive oil - 25 ml
  • salt - ½ tsp

Step by step recipe with photos step by step, how to cook on March 8, the original salad

  1. Boil carrots and potatoes until tender, cool, peel and grate on a coarse grater.S8M-006
  2. Cook hard-boiled eggs, cool, peel the eggs, separate the whites from the yolks and grate.S8M-007
  3. Rinse the champignons under water, dry, cut into thin slices and fry in a frying pan in olive oil to a light golden hue.S8M-008
  4. Place a culinary ring in the center of a large plate, lay a layer of boiled potatoes inside it and lightly salt it.S8M-009
  5. Cover with a layer of roasted champignons and sprinkle with salt a little too.S8M-010
  6. Rub salted carrots, season with mayonnaise, mix thoroughly and spread in thick layers over mushrooms.S8M-011
  7. Chopped proteins mixed with mayonnaise and place on carrots.S8M-013
  8. Rinse the sorrel leaves under running water and dry. Wash red radish well, blot with a paper towel and cut into thin long strips with the help of a vegetable cutter. Rinse each of them with boiling water.S8M-012
  9. Decorate a delicious salad on March 8 with sorrel leaves, top with grated egg yolks, garnish with radish strips rolled up in rosettes and serve.

Simple salads for March 8 - the best delicious recipes with photos


It is not always possible to cook exotic dishes for gala events. And on the eve of March 8, there is not enough time. After all, women withdraw from part of their duties and many women's affairs fall on the shoulders of a strong half of humanity. Men, in turn, try not to lose face and take care of the festive meal. But in order to create culinary masterpieces, skill and practice are still required, and not everyone has these qualities.But if you are determined to pamper your beloved wife or girl with his own cooked goodies, pay attention to this simple recipe. With its help, any man, young man and even a child will make a tasty and easy fresh salad in two accounts. A woman will appreciate the efforts of their "boys" and be sure to bestow them with complements and pleasant signs of attention.

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