Selena Gomez became the woman of the year

2017 is not over yet, and Selena Gomez collects titles all by herself. Following Time magazine, which placed the 25-year-old singer on the cover of a number dedicated to women, who - for a minute - left their mark on history, Selena was awarded the equally steep title - “Woman of the Year” from Billboard magazine - authority in the world of music. According to the editors, Selena not only easily keeps the top lines of the music charts, but is not afraid to use her popularity to be heard. In addition, you can learn from Selena how to collect 128 million people in subscribers (even the Kardashian sisters cannot boast), how to produce the series (“13 reasons why”), how to cooperate with Coach and Puma and, finally, how to make friends the former (in this case with Justin Bieber).

Here they are, the heroines of the present. On November 30, at the annual Billboard Women in Music ceremony in Los Angeles, Selena Gomez will go up to the stage to receive an honorary award. If we recall the past years, this title was awarded to Madonna (2016), Lady Gaga (2015), Taylor Swift (2014).

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