Sex in French: key features

Sexologists from different countries believe that the French have a very correct approach to intimate life, as in families where a woman gladly satisfies a man with oral sex, love reigns for many years and passion burns. Therefore, many couples learn the secrets of French sex and apply them in their intimate life.
True, not all lovers quickly agree on oral sex. The fact is that some women are sure that during such games they will not get any pleasure and will not get excited. But the reality is a little different. Most women will admit to specialists that they experience incredible pleasure and even an orgasm from the fact that they give pleasure to their beloved man. Some women are very physically excited by the stimulation of sensitive areas in the mouth, such as the sky. Therefore, those beautiful girls who decide to please their partners with oral sex should just tune in to the game and enjoy it.
And men, of course, will appreciate such an erotic impulse of his beloved.During oral sex, the representatives of the stronger sex have the opportunity to completely relax. Those muscles that "work" during traditional sexual intercourse, also relax. A man relaxes not only physically, but also psychologically. He does not need to worry about the duration of sexual intercourse, but you can just focus on your feelings and get pleasure. In addition, oral caresses for men - a sign that the girl takes it completely. And he feels loved and desired.
Those couples who live together for a long time, but have not yet practiced oral sex, it is recommended to start gradually, for example, with erotic massage. It is quite easy to master it, the main thing here is the desire. With a massage, all movements should be very light, gentle, without pinching and pressing. Such affection will add a touch of novelty to familiar relationships. During the massage, the second half will feel how it is needed by their partner, and experience a lot of pleasant tactile sensations.
In an erotic massage, the usual methods are quite applicable, only all movements should be several times more gentle. If the lady does her favorite massage, you first need to lay the man on his back, you can cover the sheets for a more interesting game.It is best to start the massage from the neck, slowly dropping lower and lower. In this case, you can gently rub on the partner through the sheet, as if stripping him. This at times strengthen mutual excitement. The main rule during erotic massage is not to stop. It is necessary to play with a partner, to caress, creating the illusion of many hands.
The purpose of this massage is oral sex. Accordingly, the decoupling of the process - massage of the genitals. That's the whole secret. Massage the penis can be both hands and mouth. All manipulations can be performed using oils that will enhance the effect. To do this, even before the massage you need to prepare an oil with a pleasant aroma, for example, peach or almond. And moisten hands in it. To increase libido, it is recommended to use ying-ylang or jasmine oil.

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