Should I allow a teenager to go to work?

Many worked in their teens. Is it worth it to let go to work your child? Does it hurt him? Let's find out!

We weigh the pros and cons

For a start it is worth listing all the advantages of working in adolescence:

  • A teenager will be able to earn money, and not only for personal small expenses, but also for something more serious and expensive, for example, on a mobile phone or on clothes. And this means that parents will have the opportunity to save or save money.
  • The child will begin to understand the price of money and learn how to use it correctly. Spending money earned by parents is very simple, because they get it without difficulty. But when money is earned by its own labor, then you don’t feel like letting it out on trifles and stupidity.
  • Having started working, a teenager will be able to find the most suitable specialty and decide on plans for the future, that is, to understand who he wants to become. And if the child does not have such an opportunity, he can make a serious mistake by choosing a profession under the influence of parents or not at all understanding what it means.
  • The child will become more responsible and independent, he will understand that he must fulfill his duties, even if he does not want to do it at all.
  • A teenager can acquire a lot of useful new skills and qualities that will certainly come in handy in later life, including in an adult. For example, working with clients will allow you to become more sociable and learn to make contact with any people, as well as find a common language with them.
  • This is a wonderful and invaluable experience. It has been proven that people who started working as a teenager usually become more successful and quickly climb the career ladder, reach the heights in their profession. They feel more confident at the interviews, learn faster and learn new skills, communicate easily with colleagues and clients, realize their responsibility and actively use the skills acquired earlier.
  • Earnings will allow the teenager to be proud of themselves.

And how dangerous is work for a teenager? It has the following disadvantages:

  • A child may fall into an unpleasant story or become a victim of fraudsters. It is much easier to deceive a teenager than an experienced adult, and many businessmen are willing to use it. And if the employer pays less than promised, it will, of course, be unpleasant.But deception can be more serious and even dangerous. So, under the guise of supposedly bona fide merchant may be hiding a pedophile. There are also cases when teenage girls took passports and turned them into real slaves or prostitutes. Of course, these are the most serious consequences, but, unfortunately, the modern world is very cruel, so you need to be ready for everything, including the worst.
  • If work in adolescence takes too much time, and the child plans to work constantly, and not only in the summer (that is, during the holidays), then this can greatly interfere with his studies. Due to employment, the student will not be able to fully complete his homework or even attend school, which will lead to lower academic performance and lag in some subjects, including important and basic ones.
  • If a teenager started working too early, he may miss the opportunity to be a simple child and learn all the joys of childhood, which, as we know, passes very, very quickly.
  • Realizing that you can earn good money and without a higher education, a teenager can stop striving for more and even drop out of school.
  • If the work is difficult, then the child may experience stress and overwork, and this is in adolescence, in which the psyche has not yet been fully formed, is quite dangerous.

At what age can a teenager start working?

In general, according to the law, a teenager can go to work with 14 years. At this age, the child has the most important document (that is, a passport), as well as certain rights that he can defend if necessary. But not all employers are willing to hire such young and inexperienced employees. In addition, a lot depends on the particular position and duties performed.

So, if you need to work with expensive materials, implying a certain responsibility, then a fourteen-year-old student may not cope and make a lot of serious mistakes, thereby failing his employer. In addition, such activity is associated with a certain stress for the children.

It is worth taking into account the nature and characteristics of the child. So, if he is rather independent and responsible, he will be able to fulfill certain duties as early as 14 years old.If he is naive, windy and infantile, then you should wait until 15-16 years.

What kind of work is suitable?

In general, child labor has some limitations. So, it can not be too heavy. In addition, the position should not imply greater responsibility (for example, work with significant amounts of money).

A few ideas:

  1. Tutoring. If a teenager is strong in some discipline, then he can help others, and not without compensation. In this case, the child can work at home, and this is convenient and safe.
  2. Promotion. Promoters are engaged in promotion of goods in trade networks. It's simple and quite interesting.
  3. Harvesting.
  4. Nanny. This option is suitable for a responsible girl who has a younger sister or brother, that is, the experience of communicating with children.
  5. Dog walking. Not everyone has enough time for this, so that such help is important for many.
  6. Gardening and upgrading the city. This may include such duties as planting and watering trees, cleaning garbage, cutting bushes and grass, and so on.
  7. The boy may well become a laborer. For example, he can help his older brother or another relative who is engaged in repairing shoes or something else.
  8. Courier. He can deliver documents, correspondence.
  9. Waiter.Many cafes have teenagers.
  10. Counselors. This is an excellent and interesting summer work.
  11. Packer product. It's easy and paid well.
  12. Work in the center of social protection of the population, that is, patronage over the disabled, incapable and in need of assistance to citizens.
  13. Help in private. Of course, the teenager will not be a nurse, and hardly anyone will entrust such complex duties to him. But to help someone around the house the child is quite able. For example, he can go shopping, clean the apartment, do the dishes, do the laundry, cook and so on.
  14. Work in a car wash.
  15. You can earn money on the Internet, for example, passing various surveys, assessing the quality of sites, as well as posting reviews of various products, establishments and means.

How to protect a child?

So, what should parents do to protect the child?

  • Take care that the work does not take a lot of time. Ideally, the teenager should work part-time, and only a few hours.
  • Since a teenager can work only with the permission of his parents, a conscientious employer must receive it. If he doesn't care about it, it should be alerted.
  • It is advisable to personally communicate with the employer of the child. Ask him about the features of the position that the child will occupy, about the duties, about the rights of the teenager, and so on. Also evaluate the employer's knowledge of state laws and the Labor Code. By all means write down the surname, name, patronymic, address and contacts of the employer. And be sure to say that in case of danger or threat to your child, you should contact the law enforcement authorities.
  • Aim the child for further development. For example, if he realizes that simply washing cars can make good money, he can simply stop striving for something more, because there is no need to do it. It is advisable to choose a position that implies the development, self-improvement, development of new skills. Yes, it is more difficult, but interesting and very useful.
  • Do not allow the fumes to work with too complex and dangerous equipment, it can lead to serious injuries.
  • Limit the child from serious responsibility, for example, from working with large amounts of money.
  • A schoolboy should not be allowed to work all year, this may interfere with his studies.

It remains only to wish the teenagers success and prudence and patience to their parents.

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