A simple but reliable cache

The cache is very simple and very hidden. You do not need scarce parts and a lot of time to repeat it. All you need to find is a cigar case. It is made of thin aluminum. And feather drill. This drill can be borrowed - you won't need it all the time.

What can be stored in such a cache?

In the cache you can store money for a rainy day, jewels, a flash drive with valuable data and etc.
Simple but reliable cache

How to make a cache?

First you need to attach a washer to the case cover that is larger in diameter than the fular itself. It can be found or cut with metal scissors from a tin can. For fastening use a bolt with a flat cap. Pre-drill a hole in the case.
Simple but reliable cache

Where will the cache be located?

The cache will be located in the end of the door from the top, so it is very reliable and hardly anyone will there to look for valuable things. Measure the diameter of the case fromcigars And take a drill bit a little larger than the case. Insert into the screwdriver or drill and drill a hole. The depth of the hole must be greater than the length of the case. Now you can try inserting a case into the hole - it should fall through. But the puck should stick out. In order for the washer to plunge into the tree too, it is necessary to make a small groove along the edge of the hole. This can be done manually by picking a screwdriver. Or take a drill bit of a larger diameter and drill a little bit.
Simple but reliable cache
Longer take our container and lower it into the hole. It should lie flush and it should not be visible. When closing the door, he also should not shuffle and not rest anywhere.

How can we get our capsule out of the hole now?

And we’ll get this value capsule with an ordinary magnet. We bring a magnet - the cap magnetizes. We lift and the capsule rises with a magnet.
Simple but reliable cache
Everything, now you can not worry about values. Good luck!
Simple but reliable cache

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