Somali cat - care, features and character

Since ancient times, cats were considered mysterious and even mystical animals, which they worshiped and even built temples for them. Legends about the connection of these furry pets to the other world still go around, but many still perceive them simply as favorites, who never cease to be touched. Today we will talk about the Somali cat - a special breed of tailed-striped.

Chic and intelligent, they cause genuine admiration.

Home fox

"Somaliyka" really resembles a wild animal because of its characteristic fluffy tail and a special color.

Her story of appearance is nothing more than an accident. At one time, the breeder of the Abyssinian breed from America, Evelyn Megyu, who in parallel helped homeless animals, found an incredibly beautiful cat. It turned out that he was from her cattery, but was “rejected” by her due to excessive fluffiness.

For all the time the cat changed five hosts, and as a result was on the street.Evelyn, worried about his fate, and feeling guilty, decided to create a special club of Abyssinian longhair, where she began to invite the owners of the descendants of the Abyssinian breed.

But, of course, there was a significant difference between purebred and mixed species. And connoisseurs of the “Abyssinians” were categorically opposed to attributing long-haired representatives to this species. Thus a new breed, Somali, appeared.

She received her recognition in the world in 1980. Hard way, but happy ending.

Those who want to have a furry pet with a full package of documents and the possibility of obtaining purebred offspring should not be surprised at the cost. It varies from 500 to 2000 thousand dollars.

The price is affected by both the pedigree and the place of purchase. If this is a nursery, get ready to give a little more than if you are planning to buy a cat with just hands.

How to find out?

External signs immediately indicate the "domestic fox". First, a long and very bushy tail, which tapers towards the tip. Secondly, a special color. Each fleece is colored in several colors, and the wool itself is very soft to the touch. But to make it look really gorgeous, as in the photo, it will take about 2 years.

The back of the animal is slightly curved, which gives the impression of being ready to jump.An elongated muzzle immediately reveals an aristocratic origin, and the tassels on the ears make it even more like a fox.

Friendliness is their strong point

Somalia is absolutely not afraid of strangers, and are willing to make contact with them, provided that the sympathy is mutual. Aggression is a very rare phenomenon for this breed. Cats get along well with children and are distinguished by a special love for the owner.

But the character and habits of such a cutie can drastically change if she meets with the relatives of the Burmese and Siamese breed.

An incredible amount of energy makes the pet hardy enough, which means that he will enjoy playing games with pleasure. Balls and hanging toys are his favorite entertainment.

In addition, the Somali require a lot of attention. If the owner is too busy, they can begin to play pranks in order to draw attention to themselves.

Natural curiosity causes cats to be constantly on the move. They are happy to explore new places and even be trained. Experienced breeders claim that these small pets are happy to follow simple commands.

Pet care

There are no special requirements for the care of a Somali cat.She is unpretentious at all. All that is required is attention, games, care for health and appearance.

For an active pastime, the animal needs its own corner with a claw, a house and several "trees". Do not neglect this requirement, because otherwise your things may be damaged.

Thick wool requires separate attention and combing 2-3 times a week. Bathing Somalis, even though they adore water, is not recommended more than 5 times a year. To do this, you can only distilled water with a minimum chlorine content and a special shampoo.

Another mandatory procedure is the cutting of claws. It is carried out twice a month.

Separately, it should be said about nutrition. Since the “domestic fox” is a mobile animal, its muscles must develop properly. And for this pet needs enough protein. The simplest and most accessible sources are dairy products, fish, and meat. It is necessary to include vegetables in the diet of natural nutrition. Their ratio with meat for a kitten should be 3: 1, for an adult individual - 2: 1.

It is important to monitor the health of the furry creature. Somalis are particularly afraid of drafts, and can easily catch a cold.

Cute and gentle Somali cats are animals with fine mental organization. Those who behave with them too harshly and rudely risk getting the same answer. Pet will become aggressive and nervous. Therefore, only love, attention and proper upbringing will help grow a real, devoted friend of the family.

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