Species of the breed of Greyhound dogs

One of the most graceful breeds, originating in Russia - greyhound. She is the embodiment of speed, majesty and aesthetic beauty. Not even the well-known Russian writers and geniuses of cinema, depicting greyhounds as faithful assistants during the hunt, did not ignore these dogs. But, despite the special "specialization", such pets are very affectionate and intelligent.

History of origin

The first mention of the greyhounds is dated 16th century. Then Prince Vasily, the father of Ivan the Terrible, evicting the Tatar khans to the lands of Yaroslavl and Kostroma, noticed that the Tatars in the process of hunting resorted to dogs that could drive the object of pursuit "into a corner." It was then that the Asian greyhounds began to cross with local hunting dogs, resulting in a thin, but athletic folded breed that can develop high speed.

In 18 Art. the hunt has turned into a whole industry, and the Russian greyhounds have played a significant role in this. They were considered so prestigious that Tsar Ivan Godunov gave them even to the Iranian Shah.

The first canine standard of this breed was adopted in 1888, and until today the standards have hardly changed. At the start, these dogs reach speeds of up to 120 km / h, being one of the main sprinters among animals.

They have a long, clearly defined muzzle, thin paws with visible articular parts and a long tail resembling a saber, as seen in the photo. The average height of the animal is about 70-75 cm, and its weight ranges from just 35-40 kg.

Not deprived of the mind

Many believe that hunting dogs are stupid, and in addition to tracking down prey, they no longer know how. Their intellect is really very “imprisoned” under the hunt, but they also know how to be obedient, provided that they are properly educated.

Do not flatter yourself prematurely, the greyhounds are not at all suitable as pets, which children can cuddle, or which you easily teach to bring sneakers. Here they can show wayiness.

But in the hunting element, such animals are very smart and attentive.

Subtle nature

By the nature of the greyhounds are very calm. Being in the house, they can spend hours not moving from their place, quietly watching everything that happens from the warm bedding.In the presence of strangers, they usually show shyness and will never be annoying.

Such pets love caress, but do not expect that they will be answered with endless kissings. Their aristocratic nature requires restrained behavior.

A pet person’s hunting temper can show not only on a hunt, but also in any place where he finds the object of pursuit. That is why walking in public places with a dog should be on a leash, if you do not want problems.

Representatives of this breed can get on with other pets, but on condition that animals grow together. Best of all, they behave with dogs of large breeds, which in case of anything can fight back. Small pets are likely to be driven around the yard.


Here the owners will have to work hard or give the dog to the dog training center. Puppies from childhood need to be taught to distinguish the game from the real hunt. To the pet did not take the habit of rushing at everyone, you need to teach him to the team "Next!". For obedience, it is useful to reward the dog with some kind of delicacy.

Obedience can be achieved extremely high physical activity and active games.Ideal - daily run. If you cannot afford one, a bike ride will do.

Do not get upset if you do not have the opportunity to walk long with the dog. It will be enough to walk a pet twice a day, and on weekends go to the nearest forest or field. The task of the owner is to imitate the hunting process. A ball or a frisbee will work as a prey.

Greyhound will be an excellent motivator for sports by those who have long postponed this important stage of a healthy lifestyle.

Content Features

Pledge health greyhounds - the right care and place of detention. For this, a private house is best suited, where a dog can run freely. But the representatives of this breed can live in the apartment, if its size allows you to get a large-sized pet.

Thick hair requires combing 2-3 times a week with special combs and combs. During the molting period, this should be done every day.

Another important point that you need to pay close attention - legs. How to care for them? In time, cut your claws, and do not forget to periodically cut off the wool between your fingers.In the gaps between them can become clogged with dirt, which brings discomfort to the pet, and it can also cause the development of tissue inflammation.

What to feed?

Greyhounds are unpretentious, so they will agree to the food you offer. But do not overfeed, otherwise the animal will suffer from abdominal distention. Enough 2-3 feedings in small portions.

In order for a pet to receive all the necessary nutrients, his diet should be balanced. That is why veterinarians are often advised to choose the right dry food.

For those who choose natural nutrition, experts advise to remember the list of mandatory products that should be included in the diet:

  • lean meat (veal, beef, poultry);
  • fish (low-fat varieties);
  • offal;
  • vegetables fruits;
  • eggs;
  • vegetable oil.

A sufficient amount of protein foods directly affects the development of muscle mass and proper formation of ligaments. Therefore, do not make vegetarians out of dogs, their stomach and intestines are not adapted to receive exclusively vegetable food and to synthesize enough amino acids for their assimilation.

Beautiful, graceful and proud representatives of the greyhound breed have always been a symbol of aristocrats. This pet will become a true helper if hunting is your passion. And in the house such animals will remain restrained and even a little shy.

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