Stars obsessed with a healthy lifestyle

If you still cannot bring yourself to go for a run, start pumping a press, eat right and enjoy life every day, then our selection is for you. We chose celebrities who lead a healthy lifestyle and inspire others!

Sati Kazanova, 34 years old

Sati Casanova

The singer Sati Kazanova the way to a healthy and conscious lifestyle began more than 10 years ago. Then she decided to do yoga for the sake of interest. After a few months, interest grew into something more: the girl suddenly stopped eating meat, began to read spiritual literature, and later received a certificate as a teacher of the Simply Meditation practice (“Simple Meditation”). That's just to sign up for a lesson to celebrities quite difficult. Due to the busy tour schedule, Sati has no opportunity to engage with everyone. But she regularly leads social networks: she shares interesting articles on Facebook, and writes her thoughts and discoveries on Instagram.

Sati Casanova's lifestyle

Food.The singer begins the morning with one or two glasses of water, and 2–3 hours later, she eats breakfast with cereal with dried fruits, nuts or greens. Her favorite dish is green buckwheat with quinoa.

Sati also adheres to the power of the Ayurveda system, defining his type of dosha.

“I am peppering everything that comes my way! Witnesses of this action are always in shock, they say, how can you pepper the porridge, jam, honey and other dishes? And I will tell you: it is possible! It is very tasty and piquant. And in general, according to Ayurveda, a person is saturated with food to the full when all kinds of flavors are present in it: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, spicy, astringent. And it is important to keep a balance between tastes, as they give a certain state and mood to a person. For example, now I eat a millet porridge, slightly salted, transverse, with slightly sour dried apricots and sweet dates. A bitter taste gives me coffee with cardamom, brewed in the Turk. "


Yoga.“For ten years now yoga has been a very important part of my life. Naturally, I've heard about yogis before, but one thing is some magic stories about people sleeping on nails and walking on broken glass told on TV, and quite another when you decide to try what yoga is. And then you fall in love with her forever. ”

Sati is engaged in atma kriya yoga, and more recently, aero yoga (or yoga in the air).

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