Stars that started with horror movies

The career of some now famous actors and actresses began scary. Woman’s Day has found out which stars have broken out thanks to a genre such as horror.

Drew Barrymore, “Generating Fire” (1984)

Stars that started in horror movies
Photo: frame from the film

Two years after filming in his first film - a very successful “Alien” by Steven Spielberg - 9-year-old Drew was lucky to play in the role of Charlene McGee in the film adaptation of the novel by Stephen King. The title of the book and the film gave the main character the ability to ignite objects with a look.

Charlize Theron, Children of Corn - 3: Urban Harvest (1995)

Stars that started in horror movies
Photo: frame from the film

The first appearance of the actress on the screen was not even reflected in the credits, and the next continuation of the saga about devilish corn turned out so terrible (in all senses) that it did not hit the big screen. The commercial potential of the film bosses film studio was not impressed, and they released it immediately on video. Charlize, 20, played a cameo role as a follower of a character named Jazaya, who believed in the “god of corn”, entered into a criminal conspiracy with the plant and created a sect of children possessed by an evil spirit.

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