Stunning beaded paintings by Sarah Jane Connor

“It really takes my breath away from the beauty of beads, glass beads and other ornamental materials. I create everything by them. Pug, similar to Gustav Klimt)). A picture with a pearl, "- said in an interview with an Englishwoman with a friend from childhood named Sarah Connor. Unlike her namesake, she does not possess the ability to move away from the cyborgs with back streets, shoot and blow up. But she perfectly performs the picture, using instead of paint beads, buttons and other trifles.

The little girl Sarah was obsessed with treasure hunting, she discovered that the soil in her garden was rich in treasures, bits of broken ceramics, glass fragments and many fine little worms.

As an adult, she found that charity shops for used cars, selling boots, beads, and even Brighton’s beach are also rich in treasures. Combining the love of treasure and creativity, she has been creating paintings for 2 years using only beads and buttons.Everything is glued to wooden panels, and it takes months of hard work to create one picture.

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