Style fakhverk in modern housing

Today there are a great many of the most diverse stylistic trends. Some are modern, while others are borrowed from our ancestors. Anyway, all styles have the right to exist, each of them is different in its own way. Fachwerk style deserves special attention. And what is it? And how to equip a house or apartment in this style?

What is this style?

What is this style? In general, the word "Fakhverk" from German is translated as "panel or sectional construction", "frame construction". And it is in the name that the whole essence of the style is reflected. In fact, a half-timbered house is a type of architectural structure, the basis for which is a spatial section of beams that are inclined at different angles and interconnected.

Facade of the house

The gaps between these beams can be filled with wood, stone or brick. Initially, this technology was used for cladding facades, but today half-timbered houses are actively used for interior decoration.

The history of the direction goes back to medieval Germany, it was there that the first houses of this type appeared in the 15th century. Then this style began to spread throughout Europe and in a short period of time managed to catch the fancy of many.

Although there is evidence that structures built using this technology have been encountered in the X-XI centuries. Today, many people choose exactly fakhverk, since this technology has reached its perfection thanks to the skill of builders and architects.

Main features

We list the features of the style of fachwerk:

  • The presence of beams and rafters, interconnected. In this case, the background is usually painted in light colors, and the beams - in contrasting dark. And this particular feature gives the room a special charm.
  • If we are talking about the interior design of the room, then we can call another distinctive feature - the presence of the hearth.
  • Use of natural materials.
  • Minimalism and simplicity. Such a seemingly complex structure actually creates an atmosphere of simple, sweet and laconic comfort. No difficult elements in the room you will not find.
  • Half-timbered houses will ideally fit into a spacious or even multi-level room, so it is better to decorate the interior of a house or a cottage in this style, rather than a typical apartment.

Now we list the advantages of the half-timbered style:

  • It looks original and stylish (this also applies to the facade design, and interior).
  • The design is quite easy to assemble and fasten. The build process is similar to a certain game in the designer.

And some disadvantages:

  • If the facade of the house is designed in the style of a house, then the thermal insulation will not be the best, since the frame structure lets the cold through the presence of microscopic slits.
  • Interior design of the house in the style of half-timbered houses will inevitably lead to a reduction in space due to the protruding numerous beams.
  • The construction is considered relatively short-lived, but it refers, rather, to the facade decoration (it will have to be changed every 20-25 years).

Fachwerk facade design

Beautiful interior

There are two options for the design of the facade in the style of fachwerk:

  1. Decorative imitation. In this case, wooden beams are combined with pre-plastered walls of the house. The method is simple, but the results are stunning.
  2. Half-timbered glass. The gaps between the carrier beams are filled with double-glazed windows with particularly durable heat-saving glasses. The design seems to float in the air, so it seems fragile, but in fact it is not. The view of the facade is magnificent!

Furnishings in the style of fachwerk

How to make a room in the style of fachwerk? Let us dwell on the most important points.

Color spectrum

For decoration in the style of fachwerk mainly soft pastel colors are used: beige, milky, sandy, ivory, peach. These colors are usually diluted in shades of brown. This contrast is cozy, calm and restrained. As an accent, you can use pistachio, terracotta, mustard, maroon. Bright and especially unnatural tones are inappropriate.

Natural materials

Finishing and materials

For finishing, mostly natural materials are used. Beams in most cases wooden (most often they are made of dark wood or covered with dark varnish). The walls are most often plastered or plastered with matte monophonic wallpaper. The floor can be covered with natural stone or parquet. Ceiling can be whitewashed or covered with plaster.


As for the furniture, it should be as simple as possible. Ideal - old furniture. Restore it and use it. Wardrobes, soft armchairs and sofas, wooden chairs are up to date.The bedroom will look great large wooden bed with a large headboard. Furniture can be decorated with carving or forging.



Light in the room should be not just enough, but a lot. It will be great if almost the entire area of ​​the wall is occupied by a huge window. But if there is none and is not expected, place point sources of light around the perimeter of the room. These can be candlesticks (or lamps imitated for them) or sconces. In the center of the ceiling you can place a chandelier or several hanging lamps. Floor floor lamps will be useful too.

Decor and accessories

The actual accessories for the style of fachwerk:

  • Pictures They can be both the simplest and unusual.
  • Forged objects: frames, candlesticks and so on.
  • Textiles: woven rugs, linen curtains and tablecloths, thick bedspreads, pillows. Textiles should be as simple as possible, sometimes even coarse. Lovely and romantic patterns will be inappropriate.
  • You can come in handy live flowers in pots. They can stand on the floor or be placed on the walls and window sills.

Design options


Style fakhverk in the interior may be different depending on specific areas. Options:

  • Minimalism. The beams can be plastic, the ideal color for them is gray.It is better to paint the walls white. It is better to cover the floor with light parquet or tiles. Furniture should be modern but simple. Relevant glass and metal coatings.
  • The classic option. Use massive wooden furniture, plaster walls, cover the floor with parquet (preferably dark). Beams can be decorated with carvings.
  • Country - rustic style. Use simple furniture, textiles. The space between the beams can be filled with light wooden panels.
  • Interesting retro-style involves the use of old or artificially aged furniture and things. It can be flaky cabinets and bulky dressers, chests, dressing tables and so on.

Helpful Tips

Stylish street

Some useful tips:

  1. To give beams functionality, place light sources on them. Also they can be issued as shelves.
  2. Beams can be not wooden, but plastic. It is more economical and practical.
  3. To emphasize the style, do not clutter up the room. And it is better not to put pieces of furniture near the walls, otherwise the whole meaning of the frame construction will simply be lost.

Let the interior come to life and play with new colors using the style of fakhverk!

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