Stylish idea to decorate a room: an original pillow with pompoms

What to do if you want to decorate your apartment with something concise, but at the same time bright and colorful? Make an original light pillow trimmed with colored pom-poms. The author of the master class was inspired by the idea of ​​a designer pillow and decided to repeat something similar. As a result, the desired thing came out twice cheaper. If you make pompons yourself, rather than buying ready-made fringe, you can cut costs even more.

For the project will need:

  • Light fabric and a small pile (plush or push-push);
  • colored fringe with pompons (you can make it yourself from the colored thread);
  • batting for stuffing;
  • sewing pins;
  • needles and threads;
  • fastening for the button (optional);
  • ruler;
  • scissors or special cutter

You can additionally use an adhesive "spiderweb" to fix the fringe in place. Pompons are easy to make from threads and sew on the braid.

Lay out the fabric on the table and attach the braid with pins. You can additionally fix it with adhesive thermo-tape - "cobweb".

Pay special attention to the corners, each should be on a pin. Pompons should be aimed at the center of the pillow.

Sew a fringe with machine stitch.

Turn the pillow to the wrong side and stitch three sides. In the fourth, leave an uncovered patch area.

Fill the pillow with batting (you can use a ready-made soft pillow). After that, sew the incision on the pillowcase with the help of a secret hand seam. For convenience, pre-lock the incision with pins.

In this case, the pillow will be with an inner closed button, which is often used for furniture. To work with this button you need a special bent needle.

Above, the button is covered with the same fabric from which the pillow is sewn.

And here is the result - no worse than the work of a designer!

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