Suddenly a good idea to use old CDs in the kitchen

If you are the owner of old CDs, which, to be honest, are already a thing of the past, why not rework them into an interesting home decoration? Of course, if the disks are memory, then it is a pity to use them. If they are just gathering dust in the closets and the closet, perhaps it is time to give them a second life? Craftsmen have found an original use for CDs - creating a mosaic of pieces. These pieces can literally decorate everything: a picture frame, a mirror and even a kitchen apron! This idea looks, at least, very original.

To work, prepare:

  • CDs;
  • tile adhesive;
  • grouting;
  • putty knife;
  • rag.

The work is quite simple:

1. The selected surface is cleared. Compact discs should be cut into unequal pieces.

2. On the glue pieces of the mosaic are glued to the wall.

3. Top need to go through the grout. Remove excess with a cloth.

The original wall of the discs is ready!

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