Summer decoration: a magnificent wreath of fresh flowers

Who said that only chamomile and dandelion would be suitable for weaving wreaths? With this method, you can create an original decoration for yourself or your home from many different plants. The main secret is in wire base.

You will need:

  • Wire;
  • scotch for floristics;
  • green branches;
  • flowers;
  • sharp scissors or pruner;
  • ribbon (if the wreath is to be hung)

Make the base of the wreath from the wire, twisting it in a circle three times or more (depending on the thickness). If you make a wreath on the head, try on, leaving a very small margin. Twist the green branches around the wreath, fixing between the rows of wire.

After the first layer is ready, add greens to give a wreath of pomp. The desired position of the individual branches can be given with scotch tape for floristics. After that, you can add flowers to the wreath.

Wreath, which is used for decorating the house, is complemented by a ribbon suitable for color.Decoration is ready.

Use any greenery and flowers for the wreath, which can do without water for a long time.

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