Sweatpants - Trend 2018

Fashion changes often and rapidly, and if before some things were not popular, now any girl or woman must have. A vivid example is sports pants, which are required to purchase every stylish woman of the fair sex.

Is it worth it?

Surely you have doubts: do you need sports pants? Previously, such a thing was worn exclusively by athletes and active girls. Now the situation is somewhat different: from the sports uniform, the pants moved to the casual wardrobe. That is, now they are relevant not only in training, but also on walks, meetings with friends and even on dates! You just need to choose the right model.

Who would suit sweatpants? Teenage girls, young girls and even middle-aged women who have modern looks on style, have a good figure and lead an active lifestyle. Models of free cut allow you to hide unnecessary volumes, so they go even to delicious and lush beauties, so there are practically no restrictions on shapes and weight. And girls of thin build will also look attractive.

For your information! Especially harmoniously pants fit into a sporty and casual style.

What are sports pants: all models

Pants are a general concept that includes several different models:

  • Straight cut trousers are universal and go to everyone, regardless of age and composition. They look laconic and unobtrusive, fit into different styles.
  • "Bananas" are loose in the upper part, but the trousers are narrowed downwards. The model will add volume in the area of ​​the buttocks and thighs, which is important if these parts of the body are not as appetizing as we would like. The option is suitable for owners of the “inverted triangle” type with wide shoulders and narrow pelvis.
  • Models "joggers" are distinguished by the presence of cuffs at the edges of the legs, complemented by elastic bands that fit the legs tightly. This option can choose a girl with a rectangular type of figure.
  • Riding breeches is a youth variant, which not everyone likes because of baggy hips and the presence of a mote in the groin area. But on the other hand, the model will suit the fair sex with appetizing forms, as it will help to hide the excessive volumes that are present with the “inverted triangle” type.
  • Flared trousers have become popular recently, and owners of the “apple” type are already happy to wear them. Such a model expands the lower part, diverting attention from the voluminous upper, thus making the body proportional and feminine.
  • Wide trousers "harem pants" have a free cut, but their legs are complemented by elastic bands at the bottom. The option is suitable for slender girls, and lush.
  • Taytsy or sports leggings completely fit legs and are suitable, rather, for playing sports, rather than for daily socks.

Criterias of choice

When choosing sports pants, be guided by the following selection criteria:

  1. The material depends on your preferences, the features of the figure and the season. In summer, choose lightweight breathable fabrics, such as viscose, linen, cotton. In the offseason are relevant tight knitwear, polyester. In winter, models of raincoat or other non-blown materials lined with fleece are appropriate. A magnificent ladies should be careful with elastic fabrics and tight-fitting models, so as not to emphasize the shortcomings.
  2. Length. Flawless style is an image thought out to the smallest detail, so choose the right length.The classic option is fully closed ankles, but at the same time, the legs should not be dragged along the floor, although they can close all shoes (this applies to straight or flared models). In the fashion length 7/8, suggesting open ankles. And slender girls with long legs can afford short models откры, opening the legs.
  3. The color can be almost any, the choice is limited only by your taste. Black and gray are considered universal. White also fits well with any other shades and refreshes the image. For summer, young girls can choose ultrafashionable bright colors: coral, blue, mint, orange, lemon. Romantic natures like pastel soft colors, such as pale pink, blue, peach. In the trend saturated colors: blue, burgundy, brown, terracotta, eggplant.
  4. Prints and decor. It is not necessary to choose monophonic models: if you like brightness and originality in clothes, pay attention to the options with patterns: graphic, geometric, abstract, floristic. Various inscriptions are relevant. For decoration, side-by-side lanterns are used, contrasting inserts arranged in different ways, including those made of other materials. Beautifully look embroidery, appliqués.

How to wear it correctly?

How and what is better to wear trendy sweatpants? It may seem that the choice is limited, but in fact modern fashion provides a lot of possible options for every taste and all occasions.


You can choose youth bomber jackets, brutal leather leather jackets, oversize coats of straight cut from soft materials, cropped artificial fur coats, laconic cardigans, parks.

What accessories and shoes to choose?

The choice of shoes is huge, especially if you are ready for bold experiments. First, wear any sports shoes or shoes close to this style: sneakers, slip-on sneakers, sneakers, sneakers. Secondly, use casual options, such as moccasins, loafers, ballet flats with narrowed noses. Thirdly, for cool weather, choose shoes and ankle boots, both on a flat run and with heels, but preferably stable. Fourthly, in winter wear shoes, for example, sexy boots or more brutal models with wide tops. Heel is either missing or wide and comfortable. Fifth, in the summer you can afford sandals and sandals.Sixthly, use boats or mules to create romantic images.

Accessories perfectly coexist with sports pants. Experiment with hats: baseball caps, beanie caps. Choose stylish sunglasses, without which you just can't do without in summer. Choose a handy bag or backpack. And in addition, wear some jewelry, such as a leather bracelet or pendant.

Wearing sports pants can be stylish and fashionable, if you know how and with what to combine them. Experiment and create bold images!

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