Ten largest cities in the world

Some cities by area can be compared with small countries. And which ones are the largest?

Top 10 largest cities in the world:

  1. Sydney- This is not only one of the most beautiful cities in Australia and around the world, it is also considered the largest in area. This figure is more than 12 thousand square kilometers, but this vast territory is not fully populated, because the population density is below the average (the number is only 4.5 million, which is not that much for such a square). But extensive areas are occupied by park areas and mountains. And so Sydney is also considered one of the greenest cities. It also amazes tourists from all over the world with large-scale and majestic buildings. In general, a huge territory belongs to Sydney not in vain.
  2. Kinshasa- The capital of the Congo. And although the republic is recognized as one of the poorest and not considered developed, Kinshasa completely changes such views and therefore stands out against the background of other cities and creates a sharp contrast.But still there are slums and here, with the countryside occupying more than 60% of the capital. But the elegant and expensive high-rise buildings are also there (perhaps there are no more anywhere else in the Congo), and gradually the number of such buildings increases. The area of ​​Kinshasa is 10550 square kilometers. The population is quite large - more than ten million people. By the way, until 1966 Kinshasa was called Leopoldville.
  3. In third place isIstanbulIt is not only the largest city in Turkey and one of the largest in the world, but also an important port, economic, cultural and industrial center. The area of ​​its territory is about 5.3 thousand square kilometers. By the way, once Istanbul was the capital of the Ottoman, Latin, Byzantine and Roman empires. Another unusual feature is the location. The fact is that the city is the only one in the world that is simultaneously located in Asia and Europe, that is, on two continents at once. The terrain is mostly hilly, so the terrain is interesting.
  4. The fourth is the cityBuenos Aireswhich is the capital of argentina.The area of ​​the territory is more than 4 thousand square kilometers, and it is divided into many separate areas. And this large and beautiful city was founded in the XVI century, and literally several years after the beginning of its history, the Indians burned it, but the settlement was restored. In the XIX century, he suffered a new misfortune - a series of devastating earthquakes. But still the city flourishes to this day and even became the capital. Today, Buenos Aires, located in the central-eastern part of the state, is famous for its passionate dances and talented footballers.
  5. Karachiwhich is a major port and economic center of Pakistan and the capital of Sindh, is located on the coast of the Arabian Sea (this is the south of the country). Most of the territory is covered with plains, the hills are only in the west. The area of ​​the territory of Karachi is over 3.5 thousand square kilometers, which is almost four times the area of ​​Hong Kong. But the city is also considered one of the most densely populated, as the population exceeds 12 million people (according to some information, it is close to 18-19 million).The climate here is very mild, and life is quite prosperous, as the economy and infrastructure are well developed.
  6. Alexandria- A beautiful city located in the delta of the famous and one of the largest rivers of the Nile. It is the main seaport, as well as the industrial and economic center of Egypt, which is of international importance. But it is the area that is slightly less than 2.7 thousand square kilometers that deserves special attention. By the way, Alexandria was founded by Alexander of Macedon (probably, hence the name) in the far 332 BC.
  7. Ankara- The capital of Turkey and the second most populous city in this country (after Istanbul, just above). The area of ​​the occupied territory is about 2.5 thousand square kilometers. Ankara is located at an altitude of over 900 meters above sea level, it is considered the most ancient city of Asia Minor. By the way, the first mentions are dated to the seventh century BC. Anyway, today it is a developed capital, the importance of which is explained by its convenient location and a large number of talented young people, industrial and economic enterprises.
  8. Bogota- The capital of Colombia, the full name of the city - Santa Fe de Bogota (which translates as "fertile land"). He is relatively "young", as he was founded in 1538, with the conquistador from Spain. Previously, there lived one of the most developed civilizations that existed in America before its discovery by Columbus. The area of ​​the occupied territory is about 1.7 thousand square kilometers, and it is located at an altitude of more than 2600 meters above sea level. Today, Colombia is a diverse and surprising city, combining colonial and futuristic buildings, museums, as well as slums, criminals and vagrants.
  9. Tehran- It is not just the capital of Iran, but also the largest city and significant economic, commercial and industrial center of the state. The relief is diverse, it is represented by desert plains, and hills, and mountainous areas (elevation drops sometimes exceed 700 meters). By the way, Tehran is located almost at the foot of Elbrus - the largest and most famous mountain range. Excavations showed that people lived on this territory before our era, and they came here, fleeing from the desert southern heat.
  10. At last, the English capitalLondon. The area of ​​this rainy and foggy city is more than 1.5 thousand square kilometers, and it is located on the River Thames. This is, firstly, the main industrial center of Great Britain, and secondly, the major port of England. And London was founded in the forty-third year of our era, when the Roman emperor Claudius and his people invaded Britain. And although some historians think that the settlement already existed even before this invasion, such theories have not been confirmed by excavations.

These were the largest cities in the world.

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