Ten luxurious national parks in the world

Over the course of many hundreds of years, man ruthlessly interfered in the natural process of the development of wildlife, which caused the complete or partial extinction of many species of both flora and fauna. Fortunately, people were able to understand that natural property needs protection. This led to the creation of parks and reserves, designed to ensure the freedom of their inhabitants from the influence of civilization.

Rating of the most luxurious park areas

Today in the world there are a large number of reserves and parks, where everyone has a chance to admire untouched natural creations, as well as rare plants and animals. We present to your attention the most unusual national park zones.


It traditionally opens any park rating, as it is the first national reserve in history, opened in the 19th century on the border of three American states. Much of its area is covered by frozen lava,since on its territory there is the largest volcano on the continent, in the crater of which Lake Yellowstone is located.

The park is one of five world geyser fields, but it is in it that their main part is concentrated, including the largest geyser called the Steamboat. The jet of his hot water pulled out to a height exceeding forty meters. In addition, half of the world's geothermal sources are located here.

Here you can find more than two thousand different representatives of the flora and hundreds of rare species of animals, including the puma and the grizzly bear. It is not surprising that this international reserve is protected by UNESCO.

The park is perfectly adapted for visiting tourists. To their services - hundreds of kilometers of marked hiking trails, several roads for motor transport, campgrounds, museums, hotels and shops.


This park, also a UNESCO heritage site, is located in Australia. It is considered the most popular place of the continent. Connoisseurs of archaeological antiquities can admire amazing cave paintings and samples of ancient writings.Insect lovers will not remain indifferent to the contemplation of more than a thousand of their varieties. Fans of animals, birds and reptiles will not remain in the loser either, because Kakadu is rich in a huge number of the rarest representatives of the fauna.

Due to the fact that the reserve is surrounded by high rocky mountains, natural environmental conditions are preserved here. The huge area: more than 2 000 m in length and 1 000 m in width allows all inhabitants of the park to feel as comfortable as possible.

Galapagos Islands

The name of this national park comes from the name of one of its inhabitants - a giant Galapagos tortoise. Another celebrity is a unique species of tropical Galapagos penguin.

Since 1990, the park has become the official whale and shark reserve. It is here that one can observe these marine inhabitants in the natural conditions of their habitat. The islands are home to eight hundred species of various mollusks, more than 140 of which are unique and are not found anywhere else. This also applies to seventeen percent of all available species of Galapagos fish, as well as thirteen species of finches found only in the archipelago.

Visitors to the reserve will also be able to see the only non-flight cormorant on the planet.


This natural park, the main part of which is occupied by savanna, is spread on the coast of Africa in Tanzania.

The main attraction of the Serengeti is its extraordinary and richest animal world. Here lives the world's largest lion population, as well as more than 500 species of birds and about 3 000 000 individuals of large fauna. Antelopes, elephants, cheetahs, rhinos, zebras, giraffes - this is not a complete list of animals whose lives can be observed at arm's length.

Due to the vast territory, animals have the possibility of natural annual migration, fleeing from drought.

Plitvice Lakes

Located in Croatia, the reserve is among the most beautiful national European parks. It owes its name to sixteen lakes located on its territory. All of them are included in the UNESCO world heritage, therefore, swimming in them is prohibited. But anyone can admire the extraordinary underwater world from special wood flooring. Amazingly transparent water of bright blue color makes the landscape unreal and look like a picture that came out from under the brush of the great master.

Color add more than a hundred waterfalls, the number of which is growing annually, and twenty gloomy caves.

The reserve involves walking, it is forbidden to move around in transport.


This park is located in Indonesia and is famous for its inhabitants, protected by the Red Book - Komodo lizards. Tourists have a unique opportunity to visit the habitats of these prehistoric lizards.

In addition, Komodo is rich in rare species of fish, as well as unusual coral reefs. It is not surprising that divers from all over the world strive to admire the beauty of this place.

The territory of the reserve included in the UNESCO heritage includes a water plateau and three large islands surrounded by many small islands.


It is located in the south-eastern region of Venezuela, bordering Brazil and Guyana. Its territory is huge - more than 30,000 km2 and comparable to the area of ​​a country like Belgium.

The feature of the reserve is its complete isolation from civilization due to the high mountains. Only a few hiking trails connect it with the outside world. Get to the park by car will not work.We'll have to use a boat, plane or your feet. But on the territory you will be met by comfortable and comfortable hotels, offering a luxurious rest after long excursions.

In Canaima there is the Angel Falls, which has the largest height in the world. Another interesting feature - Indians Pemony, living right on the territory of the reserve. All this allowed UNESCO to include Canaima in the number of world heritage sites.


This largest New Zealand park is considered the most impassable place of the South Island. Here there are mountains with a height of more than 2.7 km, deep lakes, rivers with rapid currents and majestic waterfalls. A bay of the park called Milford Sound, stretching for 16 km, according to the writer Kipling, is the eighth wonder of the world.

Fiordland is rich in rare species of fauna and flora. Here you can meet a bottle-nosed dolphin and a cockatoo parrot sitting right on the branch.


Discussing the beautiful nature reserves, one can not fail to mention the oldest national park of Canada, founded in the 19th century after the creation of Yellowstone. He was obliged by his appearance to lay a railway, during which workers accidentally stumbled upon thermal springs.

In the center of the park at an altitude of over 1.4 km is located the city of Banff, which is the highest settlement of Canada. Every year thousands of tourists come here to admire the landscapes, glaciers, majestic mountains and coniferous forests.

Grand Canyon

This world-famous park sprawls on the Colorado Plateau in the US state of Arizona. According to scientists, his appearance is obliged to the Colorado River, which began to make its way into the rock millions of years ago.

The result was a huge abyss, with a depth of more than one and a half kilometers, considered to be a geological history of the world in a section. Many rocks of the most inconceivable color and deposits of fossils do not cease to attract crowds of tourists. The bravest descend to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, which requires several hours. Most of them admire the beauty from numerous viewing platforms. Almost every visitor tries to raft down the Colorado River on a raft or an inflatable boat.

Of course, to list all the extraordinary parks of our planet is simply impossible. But even a visit to several of them will allow you to feel the full power of wildlife and understand how this beauty needs our protection.

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