What adult woman should not allow a man in bed?

But at 30 years of dull, uninteresting and fast sex, it’s already not so easy to separate you, because you already know that all this action unfolds solely for the sake of an orgasm, and you certainly know your own path to pleasure (even if it happens occasionally ). Men who have accumulated with age in sex only a clip of authoritarian tactics and selfish attacks, pass by your bed. Or, as they say, "go to the forest" and no longer return. Because life is too short to spend it on sex without pleasure and on bad lovers. We have compiled a list of things that a self-respecting adult girl will not allow a man in bed.

Command and set your own rules

Some men confuse the bed with the army service, where they have not yet accomplished a single feat, but have already turned into senior lieutenants. We do not deny that strong character and knowledge of magic tactics in bed can be very sexual, but the behavior of the commander must have its limits.As soon as you feel that the whole process did not go according to your scenario, but the “lieutenant” has already gone into battle, curtail the operation quickly and insist on a constructive dialogue in a simple and understandable form.

What adult woman should not allow a man in bed?

Make comments on the subject of your figure.

Women's magazines have already done their dirty work for him, giving us a heap of complexes and occasionally attacking us with the syndrome of self-doubt. So let him try to add his own share of bodybuilding in such an awkward situation, assessing the size of your hips or finding excess hair where even your cosmetician did not find it. She leaves without explanation, because sex is a mutual pleasure, not a beauty contest and not a casting in porn.

Proudly ignore your desires

Only a broken vibrator can be worse than an egoist in bed. And in general, men studied the history of the school badly, if not aware that the lack of diplomatic dialogue at one time led not only to mass discontent, but even to world wars. That's exactly the same in bed: if the other side is an inveterate ram individualist, you will have to wait a long time for the coming of an orgasm.And do not reassure yourself: “Oh, well, it was the first time, it cannot be judged by it” - the egoists in bed do not know how to hide their arrogant manner of using others and, most likely, will give themselves away with giblets in the first ten minutes of sexual caresses.

What adult woman should not allow a man in bed?

Do not understand how women are arranged

The correct answer, to which we came to the anatomy lessons: not like men. Female orgasm often comes slower than the male, because the female body just needs to "warm up before training." Therefore, men who are not aware of how the clitoris functions, have no idea why we love so much long passionate kisses and do not catch up with what the secret of a good pre-massage can be in the title of a classy lover only in their dreams. It is a pity that no one has yet developed a mobile application in which such “bed scammers” could exhibit anonymous drawbacks for disgusting sex and utter profanism in matters of female anatomy.

Dilute you to sex by manipulation

Like, if you came to his house, this automatically means that after the first glass of wine you have to “turn on” Sasha Gray and give the boyfriend as much pleasure as he wants.No matter how it is! Many men do not like to admit this fact, but still sex is an event in which they participate by mutual consent. Therefore, any form of blackmail and manipulation (“I bought you a drink,” “Taxi is expensive,” “Well, are you being capricious?”), As well as frank coercion to sex are considered to be a crime, and are not justified by patriarchal tales about the fact that you they themselves provoked, and he, like a macho with hot blood, does not know how to stop.

What adult woman should not allow a man in bed?

Directing porn in bed

To begin with, the pornography doesn’t show a female orgasm at all, and the main character in the process makes such a pained face as if it’s half a thriller, and in the second half it’s a horror movie. Secondly, only unprotected sex is practiced in porn, and both seem to agree to it a priori, even without the crown of life, “Baby, don't you trust me ?!”. Thirdly, in adult films, a man allows himself not only to act in bed by force: tearing clothes, slapping a partner, forcing him to alternative forms of sex - but also openly showing sexual aggression and doing things that are simply disgusting to his partner.Have you seen in these paragraphs the scenario of your cavalier's behavior in bed? Throw him away and do not waste time on him, because with experience you will surely call such sex the worst in your life.

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