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Spirits fill our life with memories, bright colors, notes of lightness and originality, each fragrance “lives” on a certain person in its own way, which always causes a number of associations and emotions. Virtually every person has his own scent, which always excites the deep spaces of our memory - the scent of a beloved man, the soft smell of mother's perfume, the strict colors of the first teacher or the notes of a nonchalant best friend.

No matter how cool, but a bottle of perfume has become an integral companion of the female image, with its help, it is possible not only to decorate your life and those around you with certain fragrances, but also to point out your sense of taste, and some elite fragrances will tell you without words about your wealth and status.

This is france

Traditionally, it is French perfumes that occupy the first positions of elite perfumery; any, even the youngest, woman knows for sure that all the best fragrances are born in France. The French heart of fashion and style has long been the capital of the best spirits of the world, all the precious essences and the most unique aromas are born here, with time, turning into the best, centuries-old traditions.

The best French perfumes received such a big push in their development thanks to the talent and creative abilities of such famous and respected personalities as Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Nina Richie and many others whose names remained hidden behind the names of fashionable trading houses.

It is probably difficult to find such a girl or woman who would not dream of receiving such popular and already worldly spirits as a gift, which are created on the basis of rare and sometimes completely unique components, which adds them not the most affordable price.

France - the country of "nice-smelling people"

What is interesting, but the subject of wide use of perfume was not so long ago, it happened only in the XVIII century, when one of the perfumers realized that expensive concentrated essences can be diluted with an alcoholic liquid, which allowed preserving the aroma of the composition as long as possible.

Brand guaranteed quality

In general, the story of the emergence of French perfumes began long before that, when the first roses and jasmines with marvelous aromas began to be imported to France. The small French town of Grasse, which was famous for its incredible flower fields and orange trees, became the center of origin of the perfume industry.

Every year, in Grasse, huge harvests of flowers are harvested, processing by hand each delicate petal of a May rose, which is a valuable raw material for creating a precious extract.

It turns out that in order to create one liter of pink concentrate, you need to process about three hundred thousand May roses!

Now it is not difficult to guess why real French perfumes cannot be cheap, because they contain only natural extracts created on the basis of rose petals from Grasse fields. The price of one such bottle of concentrate, from which you can make several hundred bottles of perfume, can reach nine thousand dollars!

Classics of the genre

However, countries such as India, China and South Africa, which have immense quantities of flower fields, as well as cheap labor, which can quickly process such volumes, with a cheaper price, are trying to compete with products created in Grasse. But, no matter how competitive manufacturers try, French perfumes remain the undisputed leader in the perfume industry market.

The last 50 years of the last century, the French perfume industry has achieved unprecedented development and improvement,according to some estimates, in 1993–2000, a new fragrance appeared weekly, and in recent years - daily!

A large number of companies that are located in France are competing to create more and more new, sophisticated and unique compositions that can go down in history just like, for example, the world famous perfume Chanel No. 5. This fragrance-veteran, which has existed for about 90 years, was created by order of the notorious Madame Coco, who among the proposed options chose a bottle under No. 5. Thus was born the world famous name of the fragrance - Chanel №5.

These days, the perfume business in France is at the peak of its existence, thousands of new fragrances, hundreds of famous perfumers and millions of people who make their choice in favor of the French perfume are excellent proof of this fact.

On a par with the unshakable classics, such as Chanel No. 5 from Chanel, Opium from Yves Saint Laurent, Poison from Christian Dior, Tresor from Lancome, which have their own characteristic shades, you can find a huge number of young flavors that are equally in demand and popular.

These include J’Ador from Dior, Eau de Shalimar from Guerlain, Magnetism from Escada, and many others, each of which is deeply individual and reflects its sweetness,inspiration, spring flowers, easy bitterness and freedom, among such diversity it is not difficult to find something of your own.

Watch out for fakes!

Recently, a large number of fakes have appeared on the perfume market, and if you have paid a tidy sum for your favorite fragrance, this does not indicate its authenticity. Naturally, the question immediately arises how to distinguish the original from a fake, because you do not want to overpay for a bottle of “air”.

The simplest and most effective way is to require a certificate of quality from the seller, if any, then most likely you are offered the original product. Unfortunately, this possibility does not always exist, but it does not matter: a fake can be distinguished by the appearance of the packaging and the bottle.

Real wealth for a woman

Pay attention to the appearance of the package - it should be made of thick cardboard, the inscriptions and design should be clear and neat, without vague spots. Pay attention to the inscriptions and data about the manufacturer, often the manufacturers of fakes change a few letters in the name, swap words or in the word "parfum" add the letter "e" at the end and get "parfume", which is unacceptable on the original French perfume.

In addition, the original French products are always indicated expiration date, date of manufacture, product composition, as well as the country of origin.

Pay attention to the barcode, on French perfume it should start with the number "3".

Carefully inspect the bottle itself, often complex and sometimes even bizarre forms of bubbles are not at all a way to attract attention or self-expression, but a kind of opportunity to once again warn the consumer against fakes, because the complex shape of a bottle is much more difficult to fake than a simple one.

The glass of the bottle should be smooth and transparent, without irregularities and air balls, remember that the original perfume is not covered with a metal lid, as the perfume can deteriorate from contact with metal.

Approach the process of selecting spirits carefully, because in recent times the fakes have become very high-quality and almost indistinguishable from the original creations.

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