The frame of the house. How to build?

A frame house is a structure consisting of wooden profiles or a metal frame.

Direction in the construction of residential buildings, which consist of part of the frame structures has a widespread popularity in the construction of country houses. A constructive solution in the choice of layout and technical design is multifaceted. Canadian construction of frame houses has an extensive demand because the building of this object takes a minimum of time to build a building and a minimum of financial expenses for the purchase of building material.

How to build such a house.

All construction begins with the choice of terrain and the site on which the house is built, and, most importantly, the projects of houses and all calculated estimates, for construction materials. In order to get a quality project at home, you can contact the company Premier Story, where experts will help on any issue.

For the construction of a frame house and the strength of its foundation, a foundation of concrete is used, where a tape construction is used for pouring concrete, this method is very common in Europe.The laying of this kind of foundation should not be deep, as the construction of the building is not too heavy and does not have any basic load on the foundation.

The next main construction is the construction of the frame of wooden bars. The best option for the frame, oak bars will do, but the cost of such material is high. Therefore, the use of cheaper wood species. The cross-section of the bars must be no more than 150 by 150 millimeters. To frame the house served for many years, you need to apply the correctness in fastening beams. It is not recommended to make metal fasteners, wooden beams with such fastenings will make modern unsuitable construction and the building of the house can be emergency.

A good mounting option is suitable with wooden dowels such a reliable, eternal, strong method. In the frame, which is made for the house, it is necessary to make diagonal racks, and between them to put a heater, without these installations, the body can lose the rigidity of the structure. Diagonal rack set of the material from which make the design of the house. After the skeleton of the object is ready, you can proceed to its trimming.Usually, for this purpose, a wooden beating plate is used, having water-repellent properties or wooden lining, which has key puzzles.

Regarding the floor, wooden bars are used, which can be sewn up with a non-cut board, on which any floor covering can be laid, such as a laminated board or carpet, parquet. If we talk about ceilings, they should not be below 2,700 millimeters, because low ceilings create a small space and discomfort, and the recommended height should be sized in relation to the floor and walls.

Considering the construction of a frame house on the basis of residence as a long-term one, it is necessary to take into account the formalities of its insulation for the winter period regarding windows or entrance doors.

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