The growth rate of income of various companies

The growth rate of income of various companiesThe growth rate of income, which is an indicator of how fast the company you are interested in will grow, you will not have to calculate yourself. In the fundamental analysis of statistical data related to stocks, you will find indicators of income growth rates projected by industry analysts. The forecast of analysts is based on an analysis of the company's potential earnings. The rate of revenue growth is published on the relevant websites. Studying these data, be sure to compare with each other the forecast indicators of the growth rate of income that you received on several sites.


We continue the comparison of companies Note Depot w Lowe '. According to projections presented on the Yahoo! Finance, the revenue growth rate of the Note Depot is 20.4%; Lowe Low 5 revenue growth rates of 43.8%.


It is clear that at that time Lowe 'was, according to analysts, in a much better position in terms of growth rates of income. However, if we ask the opinion of another analyst, by contacting the, it turns out that the growth rates of Lowe’s revenues are projected only at the level of 20%. Here is what the Morningtar analyst wrote on January 12, 2004: "Over the past five years, Lowe has achieved some impressive results. This company demonstrates high growth rates: over the past five years the number of stores of this company has increased from 500 to more than 900. During this period, the sales volumes of Lowe 'increased on average by 20% per year, while net income increased annually by about 30%. These impressive achievements were the result of an ambitious, somewhat risky, but very successful invasion of the territories previously dominated by Home Depot. " According to this analyst, the most fair price for Lowe’s shares would be $ 56 per share.


Morningtar analyst does not indicate the "target" growth rate of the revenue of the Note Depot, but expects that the average revenue growth rate of this company will be about 10% per year. The key problem for Note Depot, according to this analyst, is this: "The most significant obstacle that the Depot note will have to face is the worsening of impressions received by customers in the old-fashioned stores of this company.Goods piled on store shelves in disarray, making it extremely difficult for customers to find the product they need. In addition, store employees cannot provide adequate assistance to customers. The result was a significant slowdown in sales in comparable stores from 10% in 1999 to 4% in 2000, 1% in 2001, and the same result in 2002. ” According to this analyst, the most fair price of the shares of the Note Depot would be $ 36 per share.

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