The husband made an original surprise for his beloved wife.

Todd and Kari are a happy family with three children. When you have such a big family, the dreams of personal space often remain dreams. But Kari was very lucky: her husband made her dream of her own “make-up room” a reality, remaking one of the many cabinets in their house. The wife often said that she did not have enough personal space to calmly apply makeup and not to scatter lipstick throughout the house. Husband solved this problem, really surprising his wife.

“Before we go out of the house, there is always a lot of fuss. Then one day I once said to Todd that it would be nice to have a separate place where I could calmly put myself in order, make up and brush my hair. But I didn’t expect it to organize it so quickly, ”says Kari Kölsch.

The house where their happy family lives is not new, and needs repair. But Todd decided that the wife's desire is most important. To do this, he took advantage of one of the cabinets, which stood empty.On the inside of the cabinet, he stuck stylish wallpaper with pink stripes, put a dressing table and a small soft ottoman there. He managed to make a surprise for Christmas and December's birthday Kari.

“I was shocked when I saw this! I can not imagine a more beautiful and suitable design for me. And I’m shocked that Todd came up with it himself - he’s a simple worker, a tough guy who walks in dirty shoes every day. How could he choose pink stripes? ”Laughs Kari.

The dressing room is not yet fully ready: Todd plans to install lamps over the mirror and an additional box. But Kari could not stand it and already shared photos of the wardrobe “before and after” on her twitter. Hearts of Internet users have been conquered!

Kari herself says that this is the best gift for her for the New Year.

“He did not tell me how much it cost him. But when I look at my table, I think about how much love and work he put into it. It can not be bought for any money.

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