The main trends in hair coloring in the spring

The cold is over, the new haircut is done, the wardrobe is updated, it remains the case for the small one - to choose the hair color. This spring is rich in bright and fresh colors, so highlight what you like and run to the hairdresser - let him repaint that boring color to which you are so attached to the winter.

Natural color

There is nothing better than the native shade with which you lived before you decided to repaint. However, there is another problem: often the natural color is not so lively and bright, it looks more like a dirty one (not always, but very often). Therefore, it will be better if you slightly revive the native hair color with the help of the paint that is closest to your natural shade. By the way, it is much easier to care for such staining, and the frequency of staining is reduced significantly.

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Such an airy and complicated coloring, which literally translates as “touch of air”, combines two techniques: highlighting and balayazh.That is why after AirTouch hair looks voluminous, with neat tints and a beautiful pattern on the strands. And most importantly, such staining requires correction no more than once every six months - very economical.

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Mulled wine

Such a beautiful, spectacular and rich hue, like mulled wine (aka mulled wine), is recognized as the most fashionable this spring. But it is not suitable for everyone ... Exactly the same as ruby ​​and cherry, mulled wine makes the complexion dull and underlines all skin imperfections, therefore, if you have too pale skin, it is better to go to the tanning bed a couple of times before staining. Also be prepared that, like all bright non-natural hues, mulled wine is washed out pretty quickly and requires regular correction.

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Back ombre with balage

Two such fashionable techniques, if performed in reverse order, look very original. The point is that the clarification was not from the roots to the tips, but from the tips to the roots. At the same time, no abrupt transitions, everything is very smooth and elegant. Thanks to the game of color and shade, which provides the opposite ombre, the face looks younger, and the skin - fresh, all the flaws are hidden.

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Ghostly staining

Blondes may exult: their favorite ash has undergone some changes and now does not look like old gray hair. Phantom coloring (ghosted hair) is a real hit of spring! For coloring, several cold shades are used, which on the hair turn into textural strands with a mirror overflow without any hint of gray hair. It looks fascinating and very impressive!

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Tiger eye

Such a trend in coloring has been keeping for several seasons and this spring does not lose its relevance. The name of the technique was due to the similarity with the stone "tiger eye", which is known for its beautiful modulations in the brown-golden range. In contrast to the shatusha and balayazha, with Tiger Eye strands are more contrast because of the rather large difference in tones. Especially effective staining looks on medium or long hair, as well as on girls with dark skin.

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Opal Blonde

Last season, rainbow coloring was in vogue, which changed to a less bright trend - opal blond. To create it, they use not bright, but pastel shades.It looks much more interesting and fresh rainbow, however, it suits only blondes - brunettes do not have pastel shades visible on their hair, giving the impression of unkempt curls.

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Gasoline stains

Initially, this technique came in a manicure, but so caught on that migrated to the hair. Why petrol stains? Because staining is like a gasoline stain or oil in a puddle on asphalt. Technique is not easy, but it looks just amazing, fascinating with its modulations. Particularly pleased is that the strands will not have to be brightened beforehand, which means that the paint will last longer and, washing away, will not require any adjustment - the hair will simply return its shade, and you will not have to paint white “spots”. You risk absolutely nothing, so use spring and play with hair color.

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Honey play

When we are fed up with the usual shatush, ombre and balayazh, we offer you a completely new and not yet broken trend - honey overflow. The technique combines shades of red, orange, gold and yellow. Especially many-sided looks on light-brown hair.It can be said that honey-colored overflows resemble Tiger Eye staining, but brighter and warmer.

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