The most delicious and low-calorie desserts for slimming

The total deprivation of sweets is like a crime, because the human body needs glucose, it contributes to the work of the brain, and also improves mood and efficiency.

However, most women are very afraid to get better, they begin to starve themselves and, of course, refuse all kinds of desserts, because they immediately affect the figure. Of course, if you eat a piece of cake or cake, then you can immediately get half the daily norm, approximately 600-700 calories, and this is unforgivable for the weightlifting woman!

And this is not surprising, because the products that make up these sweets are mainly high-calorie: eggs, nuts, sugar, cream, butter, and others.

But few people think about the fact that you can prepare such desserts that you will eat, with little or no damage to the figure. It's all about the products from which such sweets are prepared, if you pick them up and combine them with the mind, then you can delight yourself with sweets and tasty things, at least every day!

In order to make it easier for you to deal with all this, we present to your attention the recipes of the most delicious low-calorie desserts that you can easily depict in your kitchen.

Recipe "Fruit Kebabs"

By the way, 100 grams of such a dish contains only 32 calories. In order to prepare such a low-calorie dessert, you will need at least three types of fruits or berries, and in order to string them, you will need to stock up on special skewers. For example, we cut cubes of mango, kiwi and melon, string them on skewers, decorate shish kebab with berries. To dish could be beautifully served on the table, then from it you can make a whole "bouquet".

To do this, you will need some kind of vessel, for example, an earthen pot, which must be filled with dough, a piece of bread with a crust will also work. After that, we stick the skewers in the dough, thereby forming a bright and appetizing bouquet. Such a dessert is not only tasty, but also very useful, and its appetizing appearance will surely make you want to try the kebab even for the most fastidious gourmets.

Jelly recipe

Such an appetizing and sweet treat, at the sight of which it is difficult to resist, but contains only about 100 kcal. You can, for example, make a jelly cake.For its preparation you will need: 4 bags of jelly, preferably of different colors, 500 g of low-calorie sour cream, 1 packet of gelatin and 3 tablespoons of sugar.

The process of cooking itself is quite simple: dissolve the gelatin in accordance with the instructions on the bag, mix it with sour cream and sugar. All thoroughly stir, divide the mass into 4 parts, each of them can be added to the food dye, but this is not necessary, just with them you get a beautiful rainbow.

We dilute the jelly in a separate container, add a little less water than indicated in the instructions, and then the matter is small: put it in the form in layers. Fill the first layer of jelly and give it a little grab, then pour the gelatin-cream mass and also wait until it hardens a little.

We perform such actions with each layer, and when the cake is completely frozen, we lower the mold into hot water for 1 minute, then turn the cake over into a dish. To heighten the effect, you can add berries and fruits to the layers, and sprinkle all the beauty with powdered sugar or coconut chips on top.

Fruits and berries are the main products of which low-calorie desserts are most often prepared.Of course, because such products are not only tasty and fragrant, they are also very useful. What are only appetizing low-calorie salads! 100 g of such yummy contains only 50 Kcal, isn’t it beauty?

Fruit Salad Recipe

For its preparation, you will need your favorite berries and fruits, for example, you can take raspberries, peaches, blueberries, strawberries and kiwi. Ingredients are cut into cubes and half rings.

In order for the salad to have an even more unusual and appetizing appearance, you can use peeled orange, grapefruit or pineapple as plates. It is possible to fill such taste with honey, in no case we use whipped cream or, even worse, unnatural product in cans.

Top salad can sprinkle with sesame. Such yummy from the original "solar" dishes definitely will appeal to you and your family.

Chocolate Fruits

If you do not want to make a whole salad, the whole fruit dipped in chocolate can be a great solution. Yes, the caloric content of such a fruit dessert will immediately increase and amount to 150-200 kcal, but it still remains within reason.

For their preparation you will need natural black chocolate, which must be melt in a water bath. Then simply dip the berries in chocolate for 2/3 of the whole area. For such a dessert, strawberries, prunes, dried apricots, pineapples or bananas can be suitable.

If you still cook dessert from strawberries, then it is better not to tear the tail, it will be more convenient for them to be taken. After all the berries have been in chocolate, they should be put on a dish and sent to the fridge to make the chocolate freeze.

Another popular low-calorie product from which excellent delicacies are obtained is cottage cheese. Low-calorie curd desserts are distinguished by their special taste, softness and refinement, such dishes can be suitable for a festive feast, and will be appropriate at a romantic dinner.

Honey-Curd Cream Recipe

100 grams of this dessert contains 70 calories. For its preparation you will need: half a banana, 1 small apple, 2 tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese, as well as 60 g of honey. To prepare such a dessert, you need to mix honey with cottage cheese, you can even beat a little blender.

Separately, rub a banana and sprinkle it with lemon juice, but this is optional. Add grated banana to the mixture of honey and cottage cheese, rub the apple there, and then mix everything well. The resulting dessert is spread on the ice-cream bowls, on top you can decorate everything with pieces of mint or lemon balm.

Sweet Rolls Recipe

In one portion of this dessert contains 133 kcal. To prepare three servings you will need: 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese, 3 sheets of rice paper, 10 g of honey, 100 g of cherries, stoned, 1 banana. Preparation: mix cottage cheese with honey thoroughly, it is necessary to achieve a homogeneous mass.

Then put the rice paper in the water for a few seconds, then lay it on a cutting board. We smear rice paper with a mixture of honey and cottage cheese, excluding the edges of the leaf.

In advance it is necessary to cut a banana into strips, then spread the cherry on a sheet, fold its edges to the left and right, and then turn everything into a roll. We remove it for 20 minutes in the freezer, after which we cut it with a sharp knife into segments. Rolls are ready! This dish looks very unusual, appetizing and fragrant, try it and you will see it for yourself!

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