The second life of things or my homework.

Author: Catherine

Basically, all I want to show you is done, during pregnancy. During this period, our creative essence sharpens, and the so-called "Vitya Nest Syndrome" begins. I was lucky with my spouse, he often supports my crazy ideas.
And so I start)
First of all, beloved old suitcases. In our house they live very much and somewhat in new condition.

The second is the favorite decoration: Lace and paint can. Even a private car did not escape this fate (photo alas not).

The next item is painted linoleum) The photo above shows the floor in the bedroom, for skeptics it has been standing for 4 years. In the photo below in the hallway, he is one year old.

And a little bit of the last point.

Doors ordinary white turn ...

Old sofa + jeans + furniture fabric samples that fell into my hands

My old children's furniture after the upgrade

And the last nice piece, the fence in the hallway, performs a decorative and protective function.

Here's a post-bragger I have turned out)
I hope I designed it correctly.

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