Weather in Crimea in August 2016 according to weather forecast. What is the August weather is normal for the Crimea?

KA-001Anyone who is interested in the weather in Crimea is scheduled for August, the weather forecast gives out very encouraging information. At the beginning of the month, according to the observations of weather forecasters, stable heat will be established in almost all areas of the peninsula (about + 27 ... 28 ° С). This should not be surprising. As they say reviews of tourists and local residents, for the Crimea is quite a common situation, which is repeated from year to year. The water temperature will rise to + 23 ... 25 ° С and hold on at this level throughout the month. At the end of August, it will rain in the peninsula and smell the coming velvet season in the autumn.

Weather in Crimea in August 2016 - weather forecast

According to the forecast of the weather center, the weather in the Crimea in August 2016 will please with stable heat and minimal rainfall.In the first days the thermometers will show + 27 ... 28 ° С during the day and about + 21 ° С at night. On August 6 and 7, the peninsula will cover a mini-cyclone and the sky will be covered with clouds for some time. In some districts and cities of the resort, heavy rains will take place, and the overall temperature will drop to + 24 ... 25 ° C during the day and up to + 14 ... 15 ° C in the evening period. However, there is no reason to be frightened of this incipient moment, because already from 8 onwards the cloudiness will completely disappear and in the next two weeks (up to August 25) not a single raindrop will fall to the ground. The peak of the heat will be on 15-16 and 23-24 numbers. These days, the mercury column will reach + 30 ° C, and in the central part of the region will even cross this critical point. At the end of the month the weather will begin to break. Unexpectedly, the rains rushed down will reduce the average daily temperature to + 23 ... 24 ° С and make the resort visitors remember that autumn is already at the threshold.

Weather in Crimea in August - water temperature


The water temperature, like the weather in Crimea in August, will be pleasantly high and conducive to prolonged bathing. Most of all, the Black Sea will warm up off the coast of Evpatoria, Sudak, Alushta and Yalta (up to +23 ... 25 ° C), and the lowest water temperature will be fixed in the region of Feodosia.The weather forecasters do not assume strong storms, so the sea will be equally warm, gentle and calm for almost the whole month.

What is usually the weather in different parts of the Crimea in August


Territorially, the Crimean peninsula is quite large and its parts differ slightly from each other in temperature and climatic conditions. To make your vacation as successful as possible, you need to find out what the usual weather is in different parts of the Crimea in August and only then plan on which particular Black Sea resort to go on vacation.

Families with young children usually prefer Evpatoria. This is due to the fact that in this city at the end of summer the weather is persistently warm, and the sea near the coast warms up to + 23 ... 25 ° С. Due to the small depth of storms on the beaches almost never happens and kids can calmly splash in the water as much as their heart desires.

Those who want to fully enjoy the intense summer heat and get an even bronze tan, as a rule, go to Sudak. In this town for the summer falls a minimum of precipitation, the sea is quickly heated and there are almost no cold underwater currents.Due to all these components, the swimming season on Sudak beaches begins very early and ends much later than in Yalta, Alushta or Gurzuf.

Weather in Crimea at the beginning and end of August according to tourists


As the weather center forecasts, and according to tourists, the weather in the Crimea in August is ideal for active beach holidays and long bathing in the sea. In the southernmost areas of the peninsula, intense heat softens the humidity and light night breeze coming from the sea, which blows pleasantly from the coast at night. The water temperature during this period reaches its peak and is kept approximately at the same level both at the beginning and at the end of the month. There is a minimum of precipitation on the peninsula, and almost all rainy days, and they are expected to be no more than 4 per month, usually falling on the 24-30 number, when an intensive journey begins. What public at this time leaves paradise peninsula? Families with school-age children, students and all those for whom the school year and the active business season start on September 1.

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