Thin Italian style in our life (12 photos)

Italy - an incredible country of beauty, fashion and style, a subtle sense of taste in everything, from the small details of the wardrobe of each resident, ending with impressive monuments of the history of architecture.

We can not even guess, and in fact the Italian influence is often found in our lives: spaghetti, the great Renaissance palaces that inspire the good half of humanity, high fashion with its capital in Milan, Roman ruins that always remind us of the great and ancient Roman Empire and many other equally important and interesting aspects of the life of any modern person.

On the streets

If you go to Italy at least once, then you will always strive to go back, because there, as nowhere else, you get a whole firework of aesthetic pleasure. Peculiar romance and beauty is present there in every detail, so not admiring such, it is simply impossible.

Almost every country has its own style: in life, in fashion, in the style of behavior and in architecture.All these factors were influenced by historical events that unfolded on the territory of a particular country during the past centuries.

The centuries-old foundations left their deep imprint on each element, from which formed a whole image of the whole country. Italian style in the interior and clothing is a separate link in the whole history and modernity of Italy, which other countries and cultures gladly adopt.

This is Italy

And it is not surprising at all, because this style is considered one of the most elegant, sophisticated and, of course, fashionable. It is important not to confuse the concept of "style" and "fashion", because style is the ability to combine elements of a wardrobe or decor so that they fit into a coherent and pleasant picture, creating a harmonious image. And fashion is a temporary concept, sometimes not even always useful and relevant in a particular situation.

Italian style in clothes

All those who visited Italy notice one thing in common, for all Italian women and men, the line - they all look perfect. Fashion in Italy is an eternal concept, soaked with mother's milk, the peculiarities of clothes of local residents are always distinctive and very characteristic.

Without a bag nowhere

And it does not depend on age and financial situation, because, as you know, if you have a taste, you can look good from a “flea market”, but if you don’t have it, then there are already difficulties ...

Moreover, not only women, but also men carefully watch themselves, it is in the order of things for them to carefully select accessories for their daily look.

Main balance

If you look closely at the Italian girls who are in the age category from 19 to 25 years, then you will not find the usual for us, high heels, candid outfits, excessively deep cleavage and short skirts. First of all, Italian girls appreciate comfort, but this does not mean that they look untidy or unladylike.

This is all the nobility of the Italian style in clothes, local residents manage to combine important, for the modern lady, features: naturalness, elegance, femininity and a kind of intrigue.

Main accessories

If you learn to operate with these concepts in your own image, it means that you have understood for yourself what the Italian style is. All his beauty and harmony in the details, in the lines of the silhouette and, of course, as clothing.

Italian women, at whatever age they are, do not allow themselves to wear cheap brands, especially for women from large cities, in Rome or in Milan.

Beautiful and discreet

The peculiarity of their style is simplicity and harmony of clothes, but most importantly, it is a rather expensive and branded bag made of genuine leather. And although the average salary of Italian women does not allow constantly splurging on such purchases, they take loans from a bank, and then pay 6 months for another beauty. Of course, this is not a common feature for all women, but an entertaining fact of real life.

As we have said, young Italians do not recognize heels, their main shoes are sneakers and sneakers, on a special occasion, perhaps a heel, but very stable and small.

Local beauties

The same goes for women over 25, mature beauties continue to appreciate comfort, they always know the clear line of combination and selection of the next image.

The Italian woman of fashion will find it vulgar to come to the office on a tall hairpin and in a short mini, and the ability to avoid vulgarity in her own style is another of the distinctive features of Italian style.

Chic and elegance

Perhaps that is why Italians rarely wear clothes,which overly exposes parts of the body, preferring to tight-fitting blouses and skirts, jeans, T-shirts, loose cut of cardigans, sweaters and tunics.

Naturalness among Italians is manifested in everything, not only in clothes: they do not accept excessively bright makeup, only if it is made on a solemn occasion, they do not understand complicated hairstyles, therefore, most often they wear loose hair, and, by the way, rarely dye them, if they paint, they try to resort to natural shades.

Restraint and accessories

Considering the Italians, you will not notice the pretentiousness and screaming details, they consider it a vulgarity to be on display. There must be a mystery in a woman, and in Italy this fact is revealed, as well as possible.

If you want to follow the Italian style, then never forget about the details, there should be many, very many!

Volumetric scarves, straps on jeans, rings, earrings, long chains with pendants, sunglasses - all this must be combined, naturally, each of the elements - in its own image.

Italian style in the interior

Along with the fashionable Italian trend in clothing, interior design is worth, Italians can boast of attention to every detail and element of decor, however, as well as in clothes.

Italian design style is also called as Mediterranean, it’s not for nothing that it literally shines with the sun, warmth and tranquility of the Mediterranean coasts.

Chic should be in the details

The main trends in such an interior are comfort, the creation of comfort through simplicity, as well as natural materials.

Interesting, but often simplicity of appearance hides behind luxurious and very expensive details, which can be expressed in figurines, paintings or handmade furniture.

Basically, in the Mediterranean style, two basic materials are used - it is stone and wood. Stone is often expressed in marble, which fills the floor or countertops. Italian style is manifested throughout the house, from the kitchen to the living rooms and bedrooms.

Of the wood, most often, choose a pine or oak, which are distinguished by their durability and pleasant color. Naturally, wood prevails in everything - in furniture, in ceiling decoration, the floors and individual household items also have a wooden structure.

A bit of Sicily

A distinctive feature of the Italian style is their respect for their own history and heritage, they retain the ancient elements of home life.

For example, no Italian bedroom can do without the chest of Cassone, which, at one time, served as a place where everything was given dowry for a girl who is going to get married. Also, the Italians are still successfully used to destination in the interior of a small table Madia, which in olden days was used to store bread.

Modern Italy

It is impossible not to mention the fact that the Italians are very kind to their house, so it is generously decorated with various antiques and rare items that harmoniously merge into a solid image of an apartment or house.

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