This family threw out the dinner table. What they made instead of him is unique!

It's not easy to bring the whole family together, because everyone has his own business: work, school, hobby ... Therefore, we often meet with our loved ones once a day in the kitchen.

Of course, I want the meeting place with your loved ones to be as comfortable as possible. That's why we decided to offer you a wonderful idea from one big family, who decided to throw out her old kitchen table and make something cool for him!

Idea for the kitchen

So the dining room looked at first: gloomy and uncomfortable.

The family cleaned the table and chairs. Free space turned out 3 × 2 meters.

The boards were screwed to the wall.

The bench should be strong so that no one falls!

In the same way, attached the boards on the sides.

The next step is installing the saddles, but before they are attached to the bench ...

... they are clogged with a cloth.The selected material is waterproof and well cleaned, so there will be no problem.

To the seats were soft, foam was placed under the fabric.

Now the shop gets a disguise.

We supplement the place for rest with plinth.

The final touch is covered with a layer of paint.

Then they set up their own table.

Several pillows - and the perfect place for family gatherings ready!

Now there is enough space for everyone, and it looks great. If you like this idea, share it with your friends.

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