On the eve of the trip, give the baby a good sleep so that he gains strength for a long trip.
Tell your child in detail about the upcoming flight or relocation, especially if the crumb is on the road for the first time in his life. Then the young traveler will not worry and will easily endure unpleasant moments.
Do not overfeed your baby before you go. However, traveling on an empty stomach is not recommended. It is best to offer your child a little snack, avoiding fatty foods.
Carbonated drinks and whole milk should be excluded from the menu. A mint tea with the addition of ginger before a long journey will be very useful. This pleasant root is considered one of the best means of motion sickness.
Book and take in a place of transportation where the least of all the swaying is. In the plane it is better to sit near the wings. In the train it will be more convenient in a compartment, in the head car.In the bus, take seats in the front seat. Also in the car, be sure to use a child seat, attaching it in the center of the rear seat.
Never put your child back in the direction of travel.
Make sure that the baby does not spin and once again did not watch the flickering objects outside the window. Take the attention of your child with some word play, riddles, poems.
If the child falls asleep, then you should not wake him up.
Do not constantly ask the child about his health. It is necessary to control it imperceptibly from him; you will understand the approach of an attack by pale skin, frequent yawning or coughing.
At the first signs of motion sickness, suggest that the baby suck on a slice of lemon. Ask the child to breathe slowly and deeply. These measures will distract him from rising nausea.
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Begin to strengthen the vestibular apparatus of the child from the first months of the baby’s life. To do this, dance with the baby, putting his head on his shoulder. Swing the baby up and down in the arms. Gently circle it on outstretched arms. Gradually, day by day, increase the intensity of the movements.

Tip 2: What if the baby is swayed in the car

For many families with a car, traveling with a child turns into a problem due to the fact that the baby is swayed on the road. And this happens both with infants and with adolescents. I hope that you will receive recommendations based on my own experience.
Help your child avoid motion sickness on the road.
You will need
  • - Acupuncture bracelet TravelDream (TravelDream), sold in a pharmacy, the price is 300 rubles;
  • - the drug for motion sickness Dramina, sold in a pharmacy, the price is 150 p .;
  • - candied ginger, sold in the dried fruit department of supermarkets;
  • - small stones with jagged edges, 4-6 pcs.
Put TravelDream bracelets on your wrists before riding. Beads on the bracelets, acting on certain points on the hands, help to avoid nausea when the car is moving. They can be used from 2 years old. Excellent help and adults who have the same problems. Just need to buy bracelets for adults.
Blaslety Travel Dream - an excellent remedy for motion sickness
If the road is far ahead, feed the child 1.5–2 hours before the trip with nourishing protein food (avoid fatty and milky) with something sour-salty (for example, chicken with a piece of pickled cucumber). Do not let him eat up on the road, especially fast food products (hamburgers, colas, pies).30 minutes before the trip, give the child the drug Dramina. It is completely harmless, but very effective against motion sickness and motion sickness.
Ginger and products that contain it are good for motion sickness. Fresh root is unlikely to taste the child, but candied lobules can be given to hold on the cheek several times during the trip.
Strangely enough, if the child at the beginning of the trip takes in the palm of his hand and holds in his fists 2-3 small stones, then nausea can also be avoided. Obviously, this is also associated with the impact on the acupuncture points on the palms of the hands.
Do not allow children to drink milk and carbonated water during the trip, it causes nausea. If the child asks to drink, give him an advance ginger-lemon drink or homemade lemonade. Place the child's chair so that he looks between the front seats on the road, accentuate his attention to the objects in front of the car.
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All tips are great help and adults. You can use any.

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