Take 100 g of dried chamomile flowers and calendula and 100 g of dried nettle leaves. Put in a porcelain bowl, pour a glass of boiling water. Cover the container, wrap tightly and let it brew for an hour. Then add the juice from one leaf of aloe medium size and three drops of lemon or orange essential oil. Dampen your hair with this infusion and rinse the birch leaf infusion in half an hour. To prepare it, take 100 g of dry birch leaves, pour boiling water with a liter, let it cool and then rinse the hair. Perform the procedure once a week for three months.
Take one tablespoon of sea buckthorn berries with a slide, cover with a glass of boiling water. Cover the container with a towel, let it stand overnight. Broth strain and rinse hair once a week for a long time.
Take a tablespoon of calamus root, burdock, calendula, dry hop cones. Add a glass of boiling water, let it stand overnight in a thermos.Strain and rub into the scalp for half an hour. To rinse, take a tablespoon with the top of a lime blossom, fill with a liter of boiling water. Let it brew for an hour and rinse your hair.
The procedure is performed every three days for a long time.
Take a teaspoon of dry grass coltsfoot, birch leaves, calendula flowers and hop cones. Mix, pour in a thermos and pour boiling water over it. After a couple of hours, strain, use for rinsing hair.
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Tip 2: Effective folk remedies for hair strengthening

Today, luxurious hair, thick and shiny, for many remain only a dream. The dominance of all sorts of hair care products on store shelves does not seem to improve the current situation. But before, the spit in the arm's thickness was not the object of envy, but all because food and water were different, and skin and hair care too. Let me give you a recipe for three old hair masks, the principle of action of which is similar: heating the skin and hair follicles, increasing blood flow, improving the supply of hair with nutrients.
Hair fall out? Refer to the popular recipes.
You will need
  • Mask with salt:
  • fine sea salt (large grind in a coffee grinder) 2-5 tbsp, sold in a pharmacy;
  • hot water 2-5 tbsp.
  • Mustard mask:
  • mustard dry 2 tablespoons l .;
  • hot water 2 tablespoons;
  • 1 egg yolk;
  • burdock oil (or olive, sea buckthorn);
  • sugar 2 tsp
  • Mask with "pepper vodka":
  • tincture of hot pepper 1 tbsp. pharmacy (sold in a pharmacy);
  • castor oil 1 tbsp. l .;
  • Egg yolk or any hair balm 1 tbsp.
Mask with salt.
2-5 tbsp. shallow sea salt (depending on the length of the hair) moisten 2-5 tbsp. water.
Wet hair, take handful of salt and rub it with your fingertips into scalp for 10 minutes.
10 minutes hold the mask on the head, rinse with warm water, rinse with shampoo.
Use 1 time per week.
Mask with mustard.
Mix mustard with hot water and sugar, add butter, yolk.
Apply on the partings on the entire scalp with a cotton swab, do not rub. Put on a plastic cap on top, additionally wrap the head with a towel.
Attention! The mask causes a strong burning sensation of the scalp, this is normal and is the expected effect!
Waiting time 15- 60 min, depending on what the intensity of burning.
If the skin bakes very strongly, it is impossible to tolerate, then wait at least 15 minutes minimum. If tolerable, then warm up your hair for a maximum of 1 hour.
Make a mask once a week. If the scalp is very oily, then 2 times a week (the mask significantly reduces the release of sebum).
The minimum course of using mustard masks is 1 month!
Mask with "pepper vodka".
A tablespoon of pharmaceutical pepper tincture mixed with 1 tbsp. hot castor oil, add the yolk or 1 tbsp. l any balsam for hair.
Apply to partings with a cotton swab, not rubbing. Cover the head with a plastic cap, warm over a towel.
Keep the mask for 1-2 hours. Avoid eye contact!
Attention! The mask causes burning of the scalp! This is normal and is an expected effect.
If the scalp bakes weakly, then the tincture is expired. Look for more fresh or just dilute the tincture with water 1: 1 (without the addition of other ingredients).
If you need to strengthen hair growth with baldness, use a mask 3 times a week, with moderate hair loss 1-2 times a week.
The mask is extremely effective!
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If the scalp is very dry, before applying the masks, grease the tips of the hair with burdock or olive oil.
If the mask with mustard is very hot, next time reduce the amount of sugar (1 tsp), becausethe more sugar, the mustard is "meaner".
Helpful advice
After the masks, after washing the hair with shampoo, apply any balm, as heated by masks, the scalp quickly and efficiently absorbs the beneficial substances of these compounds.
The effect of the masks (mustard and pepper) will not be, if you keep them less than 20-25 minutes! The most optimal is 40 minutes or more.
Hair growth will become noticeable at least one month after applying the masks, do not be discouraged if you did not get the effect immediately.
  • Masks to strengthen hair

Tip 3: How to make hair masks from sour cream

Girls constantly care about their hair, because they want them to be always shiny and thick. Masks - this is the most common tool for the care of curls. Among the various popular recipes, masks from sour cream, which is an effective cosmetic ingredient, are popular.
How to make sour cream hair masks
The benefits of sour cream mask
Sour cream contains vitamins B, C, P, E, A, and also a complex of microelements (iron, fluorine, sodium, zinc iodine). Therefore, sour cream and is considered an effective firming agent. In addition, the advantage of a mask of sour cream is that it is easy to prepare.
Smetanny masks for normal hair and dry
The following masks are suitable for all types of hair. However, for dry curls, take a more fat sour cream, for normal ones buy low fat.
Mask of sour cream and eggs.Pound two egg yolks with a pair of sour cream spoons. Apply on the head, distribute the remains of the length. Rinse with warm water after twenty minutes.
Mask of sour cream and potatoes.Mix the juice of one potato with a spoon of honey, sour cream, egg yolk. Put on the weight of your hair, wait fifteen minutes.
Mask of sour cream with lemon.Two tablespoons of fat sour cream mixed with the juice of half a lemon, two teaspoons of celery juice. Apply to hair, keep this mask as long as possible.
Smetannye masks to strengthen hair, their growth
Mask of sour cream and burdock.Crush the burdock root, cover with a glass of boiling water, leave for one hour. Strain the infusion, mix with 3/4 cup sour cream. Apply on clean curls, wash with shampoo.
Mask of sour cream and carrots.Scratch a small carrot on a grater, mix with two tablespoons of sour cream, apply on hair roots, wait forty minutes, wash off with shampoo. The mask is suitable for those who have hair fall out.For a pronounced effect, apply it twice a week.
Buy only high-quality and fresh sour cream to hair masks have the desired effect. It is advisable to take sour cream at the market, and not in stores.

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