Tips for choosing a modeling eyebrow gel

Proper application of make-up is a whole science that requires thorough preparation. But often, in the process of “beauty guidance,” for some reason, the girls bypass the side of their eyebrows, considering that this part of the face can be left untouched, with a maximum gently plucked them out. And very vain. After all, the correct modeling of eyebrows plays an important role in the general image.

By making one wrong move, you risk giving the face an unpleasant expression and flaunting all the flaws. Eyebrows, like hair, require care and proper styling. This will help the gel for fixing and modeling, which is in the line of cosmetic products of almost every well-known brand.

Is it really necessary?

If you are one of those women who are trying to save on this tool, be sure to read the rest of the article. In addition to direct use during the application of decorative cosmetics, when you need a tint version, you can also purchase therapeutic gels with a vitamin complex.

With their help, you can strengthen the eyebrows and gradually give them the desired shape.The secret of the visible effect lies in the composition of these small tubes, and you definitely need to pay attention to it when choosing. Well, if the product will contain:

  1. Provitamin B5. It helps to strengthen hair bulbs and stimulates the growth of hairs. Also provitamin well moisturizes, which will relieve excessive fragility.
  2. Keratin is one of the basics of the structure of the skin and hair. In the process of its deposition, a thin protective film is formed, which, hiding from the negative influence of the external environment, gives the hair a chance to strengthen and grow.
  3. Extracts of herbs and plants. They have an antimicrobial, softening effect and strengthen the roots.
  4. Lack of alcohol. It is this characteristic that provides comfortable use of the product without harm to the eyes and skin.

Another plus to the list of why gel is needed is a longer persistence of eyebrow dye. In addition, the modeling tool easily replaces pencils, mascaras, eye shadows and brushes, having a small palette of shades.

Terms of use

Experts recommend applying a transparent preparation in the evening, after the final removal of makeup, and leave it overnight.It is during this period that regeneration processes are actively taking place in our body.

Gels that are used in the process of makeup should be applied immediately before the end of the process of creating an image, but no later than half an hour before leaving the house, so that the cosmetics can dry out and take on the final look. So you can correct the color or bend in time.

How to use this cosmetic product?

  1. Apply the gel on the eyebrows need a special comb-brush to evenly distribute it over the entire length of the hairs.
  2. You need to move in the direction from the inner corner of the eye to the temples, gently raising eyebrows up. So you get a beautiful shape that is easily fixed.
  3. In the process of use, make sure that there are not too many means on the brush, the excess can create the effect of just washed face.

Cheap, dear, choose yourself any!

If everything is very clear with the rules for applying a product for modeling, then it’s not so easy to choose among the variety of options presented in cosmetics stores. In the arsenal of this woman there is always a place for several types of eyebrow gel:

  • the usual transparent, with which you can create the desired styling and add shine;
  • tinted, able to make eyebrows more expressive and brighter, as well as to sketch places with “bald spots” and tint lighter hairs;
  • fancy options with sparkles that will help create a solemn image. They contain light-reflecting particles and become visible only under artificial light;
  • medical, having in the composition of vitamin and mineral complexes that promote growth and strengthening.

How to choose a product that will make your look truly fascinating? Buying a cosmetic for eyebrows, first of all pay attention to the smell. Ideally, it should be absent or neutral, but a harsh chemical fragrance suggests that there may be unsafe substances in the product.

You should also use the tester to make sure that there is a dispenser that is located in the neck of the tube. With him it is easier to control the amount of gel applied, besides, so you can significantly save it.

Among the variety of products we have chosen the 5 most popular modeling gels.

Pupa Eyebrow Fixing Gel

According to the ratings of cosmetics, this product is often considered the best. Transparent dense texture makes it easy to distribute it without lumps. A thin brush paints every hair and makes the contour ideal. The only negative is the sharp odor that is kept in the process of application. After drying it disappears. The price of the product is quite democratic - 300-350 rubles.

MAC Brow Set

It can be transparent or have several shades. Despite the thick, pasty structure does not leave lumps and does not roll down after application. Has a pleasant floral scent. But many girls complain that it is impossible to call this product economical, because even despite a special brush, after squeezing a sufficiently large amount of product remains on it. Price ranges from 650-750 rubles. Not very cheap, but the quality is still consistent.

NYX Eyebrow Gel

The fixing gel having several natural shades. Its undoubted advantage - water resistance, so your eyebrows will have a well-groomed and neat appearance after any water treatment. In addition, the product contains vitamins and beeswax, carefully caring for each hair.The only negative is the lack of a brush, which must be purchased separately. The cost is about 310 rubles.

Lumene Eyebrow

A modeling tool that, lying on the eyebrows, does not make them rigid. It keeps well and, due to a small amount of brown pigment, tints eyebrows, making them brighter.


Russian-made product that meets the standards of GOST. Perfect for owners of thick eyebrows, perfectly combing them and carefully laying them. When applied, it can take on a beige color, but it does not affect the functionality. It disappears immediately after drying. The indisputable advantage of a domestic product is that it is inexpensive - only 85 rubles, and your eyebrows quickly grow and strengthen.

Eyebrow gel is an indispensable cosmetic product that will save you from the constant use of a variety of additional tools and permanent makeup correction. Your eyebrows will look well-groomed, and you will always be attractive and bright.

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