Tips for organizing a dressing room

A full dressing room is the dream of any fashionista. And in order to fulfill your cherished desire, learn how to properly organize and design your wardrobe.

In which room to organize a dressing room?

Which room is most suitable for the organization of the dressing room? For example, a bedroom. This option is very convenient, because you can spend less time on fees for work or an important event, since everything you need will be in the access zone. And having come home and undressed, you will be able to immediately get to the bed and relax.

Try to organize a wardrobe in the hallway or hallway, if the room is spacious. In this case, in the zone it will be possible to store not only things, shoes and accessories, but also outerwear. The living room can also be used for such purposes, but, firstly, it must have an impressive area, and secondly, the dressing room will need to be fully insulated, since the room is intended for general use.

If you have a pantry, and you do not use it for its intended purpose, then try to organize a mini-wardrobe here. A separate, isolated and storage space is the dream of every girl and woman. In addition, during dressing, undressing and fittings you will not distract or disturb the household.

Filling wardrobe

In the wardrobe must be present wardrobe, which will store all things. It is better to choose a practical, compact and spacious coupe model, but you can use modular designs and create different configurations of the main storage area.

An essential attribute of the wardrobe - a mirror. It must be large, so that it is possible to evaluate the reflection in full growth. A design with doors will allow you to see yourself not only from the front, but also from the sides and even behind. Ideal - a mirror that occupies most of the wall or all of its surface.

The role of additional storage areas can play a chest of drawers for underwear and small items, shelves for shoes. For convenience, it is also possible to place a dressing table and ottoman in the dressing room to try on jewelry and new shoes with comfort.

Nuances of registration

How to make a wardrobe in the interior? To make this room comfortable and spacious enough, consider some nuances of design and observe several rules:

  • If you decide to organize a dressing room in a room, then it is desirable to fence it off and at least partially isolate it. For this purpose, you can use a screen, gypsum board, screen, sliding structure or door-coupe. Also, the role of the enclosure can be set up perpendicular to the wall cabinet.
  • Arrange the space to avoid clutter and clutter. For storage and placement of things you can use compartments or division into levels using shelves and drawers. Small items can be stored in boxes and organizers. And in the closet must certainly be present rod and hangers.
  • Considering examples of successful wardrobe, you can see that many of them are kept in bright colors. And this is logical and correct, because such shades, first, make the room as light as possible and provide a better view, and secondly, visually expand the space.Dark colors will reduce the area, and bright colors will crush and annoy.
  • It is necessary to have a large window through which sun rays will penetrate into the space, filling it with light. You can block the window with light curtains or modern blinds: plastic or textile.
  • Take care and artificial lighting. You can organize a central light source in the form of a chandelier in the center of the zone. But it will not be enough, so think of light sources in other places or at other levels. You can use a point ceiling lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces.

Helpful Tips

Finally, a few tips to help arrange a comfortable and stylish wardrobe:

  1. For women, it is important that there are a lot of things, and they should all fit in the dressing room. Therefore, this room should be roomy. But it also requires the availability of free space to create vivid images and evaluate them in front of a mirror.
  2. It is advisable to decorate the dressing room in the same style, and if the zone is part of another room, then use one direction, so as not to give the impression of disparity and imbalance.
  3. In order to create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in the wardrobe, you can complement the interior with family photos, statuettes, paintings, living houseplants or artificial flowers.
  4. So that things do not fall off the shelves and do not occupy all the free space, store them compactly. Some can be folded and stacked in piles, others can be twisted into rolls, others can be placed in vacuum bags and put away on the upper shelves or in distant boxes.
  5. It is better to keep separate things, shoes, outerwear and accessories. So it will be more convenient to create images and pick up kits. But nevertheless the components of the wardrobe should not be too far apart, otherwise you will not be able to evaluate their compatibility.
  6. To ensure that the room is ventilated, provide adequate ventilation (if there is no window).

Stylish and comfortable dressing room is real. Approach her organization responsibly and creatively to fulfill the dream of many girls and women.

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