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To see matches in a dream - what is the dream

Matches in a dream most often symbolize minor troubles caused by temper temper or a sudden influx of emotions. Most dream books interpret a dream where matches appear as negative. However, some interpreters believe that such a dream promises a sudden outburst of love or passion, which, however, will quickly go out.

Dream Dream Thelomena

Matches are a symbol of trouble, which can only be avoided by maximum control over their emotions. If you see a closed box with matches, to avoid the looming conflict still succeed, thanks to your composure. In this case, it is even possible to make a profit and implement the planned plans.

To light a match in a dream is to surrender to a sudden outburst of passion in real life. But rely on a long relationship is not worth it. A burnt match signals the problems of the genitourinary system. Perhaps it is time to visit a doctor and be examined.

Spread matches - to face numerous domestic problems and quarrels in the family for minor reasons. Collecting matches means solving a problem without conflict with an opponent.

If in a dream you are borrowed a box of matches, then in reality you will be asked for help in solving a difficult problem. Search for matches - to get unpleasant news. A dream in which you are trying in vain to light a match promises the arrival of a tempting offer in the professional field.

Female dream book

To see matches in a dream means to plunge into solving small problems at home and at work. To light a match is to fall in love and not get reciprocity. In some cases, the novel is possible, but it will end very quickly, leaving an unpleasant aftertaste in the shower.

A burnt match - cooling in a relationship with a partner. To kindle a fire with matches - to provoke a grand scandal of carelessly spoken words. Burning with the flame of a match means to suffer from a conflict in which you are to blame.

Family Dream

Matchbox indicates a brewing conflict in the family. It can only be avoided by controlling one’s own emotions.Children playing with matches in a dream will cause a quarrel in your house.

Scattered matches symbolize many domestic problems. To light up matches - to cause a stormy scandal by your own incontinence. To strike matches with boxes is to experience irritation and discontent with life.

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