Toasts to the wedding

A wedding is a wonderful, unforgettable celebration, marking the conjunction of two loving hearts. And where is the wedding, there is a feast! Relatives and friends of the newlyweds on this significant day make sincere and touching wedding toasts. How to successfully pick up a toast to the wedding? After all, such a wish should be original and non-beat, as well as sparkling and not too long in content.


Of course, you can independently write a wedding toast - such a work will surely be remembered by the “heroes” of the celebration. To do this, you should select in advance some of the best wedding toasts and make a bright verbal composition. Let your toast wishes make a cheerful and cheerful "touch" in the wedding atmosphere!

Wedding toasts - in prose

If a man is persistent, he will surely achieve what a woman desires. So let us drink to ensure that the aspirations of men and the desire of women coincide! For a strong and harmonious union of two hearts! Bitterly!


Dear young! I have a simple and short toast.I wish that in your life there are always four holy names, four guardian angels: Faith, Hope, Love and Sophia - wisdom. Follow them and God bless you in your family life!


In this wonderful day between the young formed a family relationship. From now on, shared sadness is only half of sadness, and shared joy is doubled joy. We wish the young long happy years of living together! Bitterly!

Toasts for a wedding from their parents


Congratulations and wishes from the closest and dearest people are always pleasant. Indeed, toasting a wedding from the parents of the bride and groom is not only a sincere parting word, but also a kind of blessing of the children for a happy life together. Of course, fathers-moms can themselves find words of wishes coming from a loving heart. And here are some ready-made wedding toasts from the parents of the newlyweds.

We parents congratulate and bless our children. They build together their happiness. Let them help each other in everything, create a strong family and wait for such a happy day when their children will marry, start a family and let faith, hope, love be with them all their lives! Bitterly!


On this wonderful holiday we congratulate you, dear children! We wish your family life to be bright and sunny, like a clear day. Let the rains pass by! And so 50 years after the wedding, you would also love each other very much. For the bright future that has come for you today!

The original wedding toast of the groom's mother in verse - the "newly made" mother-in-law has something to say to the young!

My son is the groom. I am immensely happy.
Words can not convey joy.
He will become the best husband, by all means,
I want to wish you only happiness.
So be together in joy and in a difficult hour,
I raise this toast for you!


Today I acquire a daughter, which I have long dreamed of! I'm ready to become your second mother and support in every possible way. I am completely calm for my son, because I am pleased and proud of my daughter-in-law! Break the same stereotype about the relationship of mother in law with the daughter in law! I wish you, dear sister-in-law, to be always supported, loved and cared for, and also to give birth to our beautiful grandchildren as soon as possible!

Wedding celebration is a bright and joyful event. However, a sensitive parental heart is always worried about children.Especially exciting is the mother of the bride, because the beloved daughter goes into a new life. So you want the young things to work out! Our original wedding toasts from the mother and father of the bride will express the most light and sincere feelings.

On this bright day, I want to congratulate the young ones on their wedding day. May the blessing of the Creator be with them to the end. Let this sample of the union of loving hearts, a great loyalty will be its example for people! Let our children live happily, for them today a festive salute!


So many feelings, that I get lost what to say, I am overwhelmed with joy. I want to wish all the blessings today to the children, I bless them for a long time. For your happiness, I raise my glass. Forever loving mother.


I do not believe in jokes about the relationship with the mother-in-law and am proud that our family is getting bigger. There is no greater joy for me than to see the happiness of my daughter and to know that we will all become relatives now. Let the wedding day be remembered for many years of a happy marriage!

Wedding toasts from friends

True true friends occupy a special place in our lives. Therefore, on the wedding day, the newlyweds are especially pleased to hear toast greetings from friends.Comic and touching, playful and lyrical - wedding toasts from friends can be chosen for every taste. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Dear bride and groom! Drown in each other and do not escape, love each other in maximum mode and kiss! Kiss as much as possible and as hot as possible! And start training now! Bitterly!


For many, honeymoon is the last opportunity to see the world, because after that, gray days begin. This in no way relates to our young people, because I believe that their honeymoon, which they are going to spend together on the island of their Love, will last forever ... So let's drink to the young and to the beautiful island!


We want to wish that the road of life, on which you will go hand in hand, will run through a beautiful blooming garden with sweet-voiced paradise birds. So that the bright sun of love and kindness warms and illuminates your path. May fate favor you in all your endeavors, obstacles and sorrows will not break you, but will only make you stronger and more enduring! Be happy!

A toast at a wedding from a witness is a great way to express best wishes to a bride friend.After all, for every girl the transition to the “married” status is an important and unforgettable event. A witness will share with the bride pre-holiday troubles, will help choose a dress and make a list of guests. And, of course, actively support the general wedding mood at the festive table with the help of original and original toasts.

Today my close friend is getting married. In this regard, my heart is overwhelmed with joyful feelings, because her chosen one is a real man, a reliable and faithful companion of life. I wish your marriage long and happy years, so that with each passing day your love becomes stronger. Bitterly!


I, as the closest friend of the bride, I hasten to congratulate our dear newlyweds on the day of their marriage. I solemnly promise to invite you to my wedding. I swear to catch the wedding bouquet for tonight and get married during this year.

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