Top 10 best motivating movies worth watching

If after watching a movie you have a strong desire to do something and undertake, it means that you watched this movie for a reason. We invite you to find out the rating of motivating pictures.

Best motivating movies

So, we suggest studying the top 10 best motivating films:

1. "Eat, pray, love". An excellent motivating film for women and girls. In the story, the main character Elizabeth loses her taste for life and falls into depression. At 32, the girl does not know what to do next, what to strive for. Elizabeth decides to change her life, divorces her spouse, and then finds another David man and begins to build a relationship with him.

Eat Pray Love

But the long-awaited happiness is not. And then David says a phrase that literally turned the girl's whole life: “Stop waiting for something all the time, act!”. Then Elizabeth realizes that sitting still is not the best option.

The girl goes on a journey in which she knows the world around her, herself and her previously unexplored sides, and also just enjoys life.After viewing such a picture comes the understanding that we ourselves should influence life, in fact we make it richer and brighter.

2. "200 pounds of beauty"- a dynamic and quite interesting film about losing weight and about the desire to become beautiful and succeed. Kang Khan Na - a kind and talented girl who has one big problem - overweight. She has a beautiful and strong voice, so she sings behind the scenes for a pretty singer who does not have any vocal abilities.

200 pounds of beauty

But one day, Khan Na becomes an unwitting witness to a conversation in which they speak extremely cynically and negatively about her. And then the girl decides to change herself and by all means achieve success in her solo career. She goes to the clinic, where she undergoes several plastic surgeries.

As a result, the beauty comes out of the hospital with a precise figure and the desire to conquer the whole world. Khan Na hides the truth and wants to achieve everything herself. She has to do a lot, but in the end she still falls on a solo concert and wins the hearts of listeners.

3. "In pursuit of happiness". And this picture is a great option for men, especially for fathers. In the story, Chris and Linda Gardner live in San Francisco and raise a son. Chris is promoting new technologies, but to no avail.Constant dogs and unpaid bills and fines force Linda to go to work in New York, where she is offered high wages and favorable conditions.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Chris convinces the spouse to leave his son with him and begins to lead the hard life of a single father. At some point, the father and son are on the street and spend the night on the benches and in the station toilets. Chris gets a job and has an unpaid internship, as well as a few more interns.

Faith in himself, perseverance and love for his son allow Chris to succeed and get a job. He later opens his own brokerage company, which made him a millionaire. The picture, by the way, is based on real events.

4. “Slumdog Millionaire”- A picture about a difficult fate and about the change of life. Orphan from a poor district of Mumbai Zhamal Malik decides to take part in the game "Who wants to be a millionaire?". For each question, the guy miraculously manages to give the correct answers. When there is one last step to victory, Zhamal is arrested.

Slumdog Millionaire

The police believe that the young man is a fraud, he is being asked about where he, who has lived all his life in abandoned slums, knows the answers to such difficult questions.

Zhamal tells the policeman the story of his life, in which there was much: unhappy love, clashes with criminals, adventures with his brother and much more. Some memories and plots from memory just gave the young man answers to quiz questions.

5.The list also includes a film"Not yet played in the box". In the story, the owner of the network of clinics Edward Cole and a simple factory worker Carter Chambers find themselves in the same ward of the hospital. Both were given a disappointing diagnosis, both are sick with cancer and find out that it’s not long to live.

Not yet played in the box

And then Carter decides to make a list of cases that he would like to have done before the end of his life. He tears a piece of paper in the hearts, but Edward finds him, who offers to carry out his plan and sponsor everything, and also adds some other things.

Despite the protests of his wife Carter, he goes on a journey with his new rich friend. Men travel, have fun and enjoy the last moments of life. Everything conceived, and even more, was carried out.

6. “Never give up”- A dynamic film about sports. Jack Tyler moves with his family to a new place,to make out the younger brother of a professional tennis player. Jake himself in the old city was a talented football player, but in the new city he becomes a real outcast.

Never give up

Trying to find friends, the guy accepts the invitation of his attractive classmate Bayi for a party. At the party, Jake unwittingly becomes a party to a fight with local authority and handsome Ryan.

As a result, the young man remains humiliated and beaten. But here comes a classmate who advises Jake to practice a unique sport, in which various martial arts are mixed up. After a meeting with an experienced coach, the young man becomes confident and successful, but difficulties can hinder him.

7.Picture"Wall Street: money does not sleep"- a real motivation for success. This is a picture about business, about aspirations and ambitions. Former corporate raider Gordon Geko comes out of prison and decides to succeed again. But much has changed in the world, and Gordon realizes that his methods are not working and have become outdated long ago.

Wall Street money does not sleep

And here on the way meets a young and active trader Jacob, who meets with his daughter Gordon. He offers a deal and promises to help Gordon build relationships with his daughter,with which the old man has not spoken for 11 years, but in response, Gordon should help Jacob to achieve success in business and become successful.

8. "The Secret". This is a documentary, but unusual and motivating film that a person is able to change his life as he wants. The film consists of interviews with physicians, philosophers, scientists, theologians, cultural figures, psychologists, and even followers of ancient teachings.


They all talk about life, about the role of man in the environment and about the influence of people on reality. If you put all opinions together and analyze them, you can conclude that you can change reality and peace with your thoughts, rid yourself of fears and unnecessary prejudices, heal the mind, soul and body, as well as make your dreams and dreams come true.

Everyone who gave an interview in the film tells about the discovery of the mystery of the Universe and how such a mystery helped to change your life and attitude towards it.

9. "Fields of Darkness"- a film that a person can achieve a lot if he competently and maximally uses his skills, abilities, knowledge and abilities, but at the same time think about the consequences.

Areas of darkness

In the story, the writer Eddie from New York is experiencing difficulties in his personal life and career and is almost depressed.But the guy accidentally meets his friend, who tells him about the latest drug that can activate the brain and at times improve brain activity. Eddie takes one tablet and discovers that he can reach unprecedented heights.

He completes the book, does not feel tired and thinks like never thought. In a short time the guy can earn a large sum of money, he is happy and successful. But soon it is discovered that the pills have side effects. Eddie decides to find other people who use the drug, and learns the sad truth.

10. “Time”. A film about how you should value your time, and not waste it. In the story, humanity has become immortal, but all people are programmed in such a way that they stop aging after 25 years. But time for later life needs to be earned.


Time becomes the only currency for which you can buy everything, even life. The poor are doomed to death, the rich can live forever, surrounded by luxury and chic. Will lives in a poor ghetto, his mother dies because of a lack of time after paying debts. In addition, the guy is accused of stealing. As a result, Will decides to get to the richest area and put things in order there.

There are other films that are worth seeing: “Always say yes”, “Social network”, “Seven lives,“ 127 hours ”,“ Where dreams lead ”,“ Escape from the Shoushenk ”and many others.

Enjoy watching and think about your life.

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