Top 10 coolest villains in the movie

Watching movies, we often empathize with the goodies and begin to hate the negative ones. But among the villains there are so beautiful and cool that it’s impossible to feel negative emotions towards them!

Rate the top 10 of the most beautiful and spectacular villains from the movie:

  1. Maleficent. This heroine is another proof that women often become embittered at all and all because of men. In childhood, Maleficent was a kind and trusting fairy guarding peace in the Swamps. She met the boy Stefan and began to feel anxious feelings for him, but the beloved moved away from the sorceress, and then completely betrayed her, taking the most precious - the luxurious wings. Unable to fly and loyal, the Maleficent turns into a real villain, the main purpose of life of which becomes revenge. But in this film, fortunately, good still triumphed over evil, and justice prevailed. It is worth noting that Angelina Jolie shone in this interesting role, giving her heroine a special charm.
  2. In the picture“Angels of Cherly-2”Demi Moore appeared in the image of the negative heroine with the selfish intentions of Madison Lee after a long break and literally captivated the audience, captivating them with a smirk and a fervent look. And although the actress was much older than her partner on the set, she was in no way inferior to them in sexuality and beauty. Demi Moore did indeed succeed in the role: she strongly interfered with the well-known trio of attractive angels, but she did it so beautifully that she wanted to look at the confrontation again and again. Unfortunately, the directors have given not so much screen time to the beauty Madison, as we would like.
  3. Charlize Theron meticulously gets used to any images, but the villains she plays is just awesome. Once again, this confirms the role of Queen Rovenna, which the actress played in the modern variation of the fairy tale about the young beauty Snow White called"Snow White and the Hunter". The heroine Charlize has a lot of negative qualities. Firstly, she is mercenary and mercantile, as she was married according to the calculation. Secondly, she is selfish and does not tolerate other beauties around her, especially young and full of energy.Thirdly, Rovenna is ready for anything to achieve her goals: in the film she tries to preserve youth by taking away other people's lives. But despite all this, the heroine Theron is truly gorgeous!
  4. Jennifer Chek from the movie"Jennifer's body"- One of the most high-profile and controversial roles of Megan Fox, and several reasons for this. The first is the attempt of the heroine to seduce her best friend, who, by the way, was played by no less charming Amanda Seyfried. The second reason - frank open dresses Jennifer, who probably led to the rapture of more than one million men. The third reason - the tastes of the heroine. She prefers meat, and raw, only fresh, exclusively human and masculine. In the film, the girl bloodthirsty cracked down on her classmates and ate them. But still, Jennifer is incredibly attractive in this role!
  5. In film"City of sins 2: A woman for whose sake it is worth to kill", there are a lot of villains, but that woman deserves special attention because of which so many crimes were committed in the sinful place described in the picture. Ava Lord (played by Eva Green) is insidious, cynical and ready to go on their heads.In the story, she marries a wealthy man and deals with him, using the former boyfriend Dwight. He tries to take the right path, but the beauty of Ava does not give him peace. This is the most fateful woman for whose sake it is worth not only to live, but also to kill.
  6. An image of a cat woman from a movie"Batman is back"probably remembered by all the spectators, and largely thanks to the incomparable Michelle Pfeifer who played the main role. In the story of Selina Kyle, who was originally a shy and notorious woman, she almost died and was able to avoid a sad fate by a miracle. An amazing rescue radically changes the girl: she realizes that she wants revenge on the murderers and turns from a shy and quiet girl into a sex offender dressed in a shiny, fitting latex suit and armed with a whip. Selina is ready to cross the line of law and punish the criminals who decided to take her life away from her.
  7. It is impossible not to include in the list of the most beautiful villains in the world of cinema Kathryn Tramell from the picture"The basic Instinct". The role was played by amazing Sharon Stone, who has repeatedly been recognized as one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood.This woman magnetically attracted men with their sexual feminine energy and in fact was a real devil. Behind the mask of attractiveness and femininity hid composure, cruelty and thirst for blood. In the legendary film, Catherine Tremell killed as talented as she won the attention of the opposite sex and seduced his representatives.
  8. Russian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova is undoubtedly talented and attractive: she is not in vain invited to Hollywood. In film"Wolverine: Immortal"she played the bright role of the Viper. Not everyone is accustomed to seeing Svetlana in such negative images, but the acting skills have done their job: Khodchenkova's task coped with amazingly. An intriguingly low voice, piercing eyes, incredible charisma - all this was in the screen kite. By the way, in the comics, the heroine was originally a brunette, but her blond hair did not affect the nature of the villain and even gave her a special charm.
  9. The main negative heroine of the pictureThor: Ragnarok- ambitious and hungry for Hela's universal power. This powerful woman is the master of the kingdom of the dead,sister of the noble Torah and who betrayed the family and the people of Loki. In the story, she is trying to capture Asgard who remained without a ruler and hopes to completely take possession of him. Hela is incredibly dangerous and can literally suck the energy of life from people and sentient beings. She is the main opponent of the aspiring one to restore peace and justice to the Torah. The role of this villain played Cate Blanchett, and in this way to know her from the first minute is not easy: Gothic makeup and dark hair changed the actress beyond recognition.
  10. Another woman with a difficult character and skeletons in the closet - Amy Dunn from the action film"Disappeared". First, the audience worries because of the sudden disappearance of the girl, but then they find out that she is alive. It would seem that you can breathe with relief, but it was not there: it turns out that the blond feminine beauty Amy is not at all the kind that her relatives used to see. This heroine is not easy and causes the most controversial emotions. She has her own secrets and secrets, her own views on life, into which ordinary existence does not appear at all. Dunn is ready to go to great lengths to get out of the water and keep her reputation.And terrible thoughts wonderfully coexist with such a pretty face of this girl!

These were the most luxurious villains of world cinema.

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