Top 10 cosmetic procedures you need to do in 2015

To always look amazing and be fully armed, you need at least sometimes to visit the beauty salons and sign up for some procedures. And which of them will be the most popular and relevant in 2015?

So, the top 10 best practices in 2015:

1. "Liposonix". This is a special apparatus that allows for non-surgical correction of the figure. The essence of the method lies in the effect of high-frequency ultrasonic waves, which literally crush and destroy adipose tissue. The main difference of such a technique from other similar ones is a point directed impact, allowing to work out problem areas.

But this procedure will not help to lose weight, but insignificant fatty deposits in the expressed problem zones will heat up and disintegrate. Contraindications are pregnancy, vascular and skin diseases, lactation period, hernia, epilepsy, as well as taking anticoagulant medications.


Only one procedure will allow to reduce the volume of the problem zone by 1-3 centimeters, but it will be possible to evaluate the results only in a month and a half, that is how much time it takes to remove fat. As for side effects, there may be hyperemia in the affected area. It is worth noting that during the procedure there may be unpleasant and even painful sensations.

2. Gas-liquid peeling(oxygen aqua-peeling, non-injection mesotherapy). In general, peels are becoming more and more popular, since such procedures, in fact, do not affect the deep tissues, but at the same time they allow to rejuvenate the skin and improve its condition. During the procedure, through a thin nozzle of a special apparatus, special mesotherapeutic cocktails, which by more than 90% consist of components enriched with oxygen.


There are no aggressive chemicals in the composition, so the epidermis is not damaged and not injured. Preparations are selected individually, taking into account the existing problems. Particles of oxygen and liquids in the device are accelerated to high speeds and under pressure penetrate into the skin.

But the cocktails are cooled, so that pain does not occur. You can carry out such procedures at any time, the optimal number of them is 5-10 (one or two per week). Indications for gas-liquid peeling are acne, scars, dry skin, rosacea, flabbiness of the skin, edema, bags under the eyes and other problems. Contraindications: exacerbations of chronic diseases, tuberculosis, asthma, diseases of the cardiovascular system in the stage of decompensation, oncological diseases, mental illnesses.

3. QOOL epilation or cold epilation. This method was developed in Russia, but it is already patented in the CIS countries and in Europe. This method has no analogs. In fact, this is the same laser hair removal, but cold. If during normal laser exposure the skin is heated, then with QOOL epilation it maintains a normal temperature, which prevents such complications as ingrown hair, scars and burns.

Cold hair removal

In addition, the method has much less contraindications (such as cancer, herpes in the acute stage and pregnancy) and is completely painless. The laser beam destroys the hair follicles, and the hair simply stops growing.

Before the procedure, the length of the hairs should not exceed 1-2 millimeters. Two weeks later, the session is repeated (when the first impact was not made on the sleeping follicles). Rehabilitation is not required, there are no discomfort.

4. A perm of eyelashes. To some, such a procedure may seem unnecessary and strange, but in fact, after the curling, even the thinnest cilia are literally transformed. The look becomes open and expressive.

Perm eyelashes

If your eyelashes are naturally dark, then you can not paint them, although, of course, the ink will make them even longer and more charming. During the procedure, the cilia will be wound on small curlers and covered with a special compound that makes the bend more soft.

Then this composition is washed off, after which the fixer is applied. After some time, it is washed off, and hair curlers are removed. To save the effect, it is better to carry out a perm every 1-2 months. Contraindications include a tendency to allergies and increased eye sensitivity.

5. If you have problem or oily skin, then by all means pay attention todisinfestation procedure. Its essence lies in the impact of current, which is fed into the epidermis through special solutions - desiccumin.During the procedure, the solution itself is first applied to the skin, and then the problem areas of the face are treated with a special device.

For oily skin

The solution under the influence of current reacts with the skin, removes sebum and excess fluid, and also starts the process of regeneration. Indications include the following states: acne (outside the stage of inflammation), small facial wrinkles, early signs of photoaging, comedones, seborrhea, oily skin, pigment spots.

Contraindications: vitiligo, too dry skin, cancer, pregnancy, significant wrinkles, the presence of electrical implants or a pacemaker. It is advisable to do one procedure every one to two weeks for three months.

6. Toning.Since in 2015, natural hair shades will be relevant, the toning procedure will be very popular. It will not fundamentally change the color, but it will make your natural color more saturated, interesting and bright. Such a procedure is considered more gentle than the classic staining.

Hair tinting

Master applies coloring compositions not to dry, but to wet and clean hair.Toning means are washed out pretty quickly, so the procedure for maintaining the shade will need to be repeated often.

7. Thermage- This is a lifting or non-surgical facelift. The essence of this method lies in the impact on the epidermis of a variable electromagnetic high-frequency field. As a result, subcutaneous fat, and together with it, collagen also heats up, which means that the latter begins to be developed more actively, due to which the skin elasticity increases.


Indications for this procedure: pronounced nasolabial folds, flabbiness of the skin, reduction of its turgor, edema, second chin, uneven facial contours, wrinkles and age-related changes. Contraindications include pregnancy, the presence of silicone implants, diabetes mellitus, diseases of connective tissues, skin damage in the places of impact.

8. Carving or long-term styling.. If you do not have time for daily styling, then by all means try this procedure. Its essence lies in the treatment of hair with a special fixative composition and subsequent imparting the desired shape to the curls.


The duration of the procedure is about one and a half hours, and the effect lasts for about 1-2 months. Contraindications include increased hair dryness, severe damage, split ends, as well as intolerance to substances of the composition and a tendency to allergies.

9. Pressotherapy. This procedure helps to get rid of fat in problem areas and is more effective than massage. You will be put on a special suit, which will exert a strong pressure due to the injection of air. The indications include cellulite, muscle tension, swelling, excess weight. Contraindications: vascular and skin diseases, pregnancy, severe common diseases in the acute stage.


10. Masks "Parfait"- these are lightweight masks that have a light texture and are applied to cleansed skin. They can solve problems such as inflammation, wrinkles, skin laxity, dullness, dryness, oiliness, and so on.

Masks "Parfait"

Take care of yourself and be the most beautiful!

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