Traditional English Bow

Traditional English bow- we make our own traditional English onion from red oak (you can also use pine or lamella), the onion is simple and inexpensive, with a tension of 10-15 kg and is ideal for shooting ( training) on ​​the targets.

Materials and tools:

  1. grinder;
  2. sandpaper;
  3. carpentry (furniture) glue;
  4. file (rasp);
  5. clamps (scotch);
  6. string for bowstring;
  7. board (river) of red oak and pine (lamella).

Step 1

First, glue together the board of red oak and pine. Before gluing, the boards must be well sanded and cleaned of dust. Thoroughly coat the boards with glue, glue them together and tighten them with clamps (or sanitary tape). Ideally, it is better to use epoxy resin for bonding and to lay fiberglass between the boards.

After the glue has dried, cut the blank to 180-200 cm.

Step 2

Then, with a pencil and a ruler on the board, we outline the overall shape of the bow (narrowing to the shoulders of the bow) - 3.5-4 cm wide in the middle and 2 cm at the ends of the bow. Rasp or grinding machine cut to the delineated size, also round the edges of the bow.

Step 3

Now we will deal with the thickness of the bow - the thickness of the bow narrows from the middle to the shoulders, thus stands the handle and the shoulders become more flexible. The thickness in the middle is 2.5-3 cm, in the shoulders it is 1-1.5 cm. The excess is removed from the outside of the bow with the help of sanding shank (first we use coarse sandpaper, then fine). Quite a painstaking step, but should not be in a hurry.

Step 4

Now let's make the recesses for the bowstring. To do this, retreat 2-4 cm from both ends of the bow and file the indentations with a file.

Let's make bowstrings for the bow - the easiest way: we tightly weave 3 twine ropes in a braid.There are many other ways to make a quality bowstring for a bow - you can find it on the site. The length of the string should be slightly less than the length of the bow and loop at the ends of the string. Stretch the string on the bow.

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