Released the trailer "Blade Runner - 2049"

In the yard in 2049. Humanity is divided into humans and replicants (in other words, androids). Thirty years after the events of the original film Ridley Scott Blade Runner, police officer K (Ryan Gosling) goes in search of his predecessor Rick Dekard (Harrison Ford) to stop the insane Wallace (Jared Leto), who creates an army of replicants to kill people . The web has a new trailer of the fantastic film "Running on the Blade - 2049" Denis Villeneuve ("Arrival"). And let the name of the director do not bother you, Ridley Scott acts as a producer. And if you watch the video carefully, you will see also Robin Wright!

"I got into things I used to wear 30 years ago," commented on his participation in the film Harrison Ford. - And, damn, they are still me in size! "Premiere of" Runner on the Blade - 2049 "- October 5.

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