Turquoise wedding anniversary

The 18th anniversary of a joint marriage is a turquoise wedding. So many years lived together - each pair has something to remember good. And it seems that from the wedding day time flew by unnoticed, but during the whole time you loved each other, took care, cherished what you have. You understood each other, how you could support, passed through fire and water together.

For most families, this wedding anniversary is associated with the legal age of their first child. It has long been considered that family life after a turquoise wedding is just beginning and illuminated by a new light: sleepless nights and worries are behind, children have grown.

Many couples do not celebrate eighteen years of marriage, do not consider it important enough and miss this date. A long time ago, according to ancient beliefs, it was believed that turquoise brings wealth to the house, but in this case it protects against the loss of what is available.

A turquoise wedding is an anniversary that makes spouses realize that you need to continue to love and care about each other as before.On such a family holiday, you can give your wife a gift in the form of a turquoise ornament.

What to gift?

By tradition, the gift should be reminded and combined with the name of the holiday. To date, the choice of products from turquoise should not cause any difficulties, since such jewelry is enough in jewelry stores.

A lot of professional jewelers make bracelets, earrings and brooches with this exquisite stone. Turquoise has a very large selection of shades from pale green to bright blue, so you can choose the product to taste. In any case, your gift should be beautiful and elegant, because this gift will become a symbol of loyalty and love.

Guests invited to the celebration, may well give interior items with different decorations of turquoise, accessories, figurines. The stone has an amazing property that allows you to fit into any interior, it does not matter if it is techno, country or art decor.

It has long been no secret that turquoise brings success, happiness and wealth to the family. Even in ancient times, mascots made of such a stone were quite popular.May peace and happiness be always present in your home.

It is also important to give not only jewelry from this stone, but also sweets and fresh flowers. Let a large and luxurious bouquet become a sign of great love for your spouse.

This anniversary will remain forever in your memory, rejoice, have fun with family and friends, because such a date should be noted. Love and surround your soul mate with care, because there are still many wonderful days and years ahead with your beloved (loved one).

Now you know which wedding is celebrated for 18 years of marriage and what you need to give on this anniversary :).

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