Types of flooring

The choice of a variety of floor coverings today is quite extensive. So much so that with such diversity it is not difficult to get confused. We will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of various finishing materials, which will help you to understand which of them suits you best.

In recent years, many prefer to buy laminate. Indeed, such a coating is aesthetic, wear-resistant and durable. If the laminate has been laid correctly, it will not creak. It usually resembles a parquet, but can have absolutely any pattern.

Parquet is a more expensive coating. It is made of wood, so the floor is warm. Scraping allows you to update its surface several times. If you are going to purchase it, then you will need to find a really good master who can make a high-quality assembly.

For living rooms, primarily children's, often use carpet.This material is warm, so it allows children to play freely on the floor. It absorbs noise perfectly. But cleaning it is quite difficult. For severe contaminations, the coating may require dry cleaning. If you wish to buy carpet, you will need to look into the store carpet.

Carpet has another advantage: it can cover the entire room, unlike regular carpet, which will provide a smooth and beautiful covering. If you lay a carpet with a long pile, then it will be possible to walk barefoot even in the cold. Going to the online store of carpets, you quickly pick up a carpet for yourself to taste and color.

It looks very nice floor with a coating of solid wood. Of course, it is not cheap, but it allows you to emphasize the status of the owner of the apartment. A bit cheaper will cost a parquet board. Its lower two layers are made from coniferous wood, and the top one - from precious wood. The life of such a coating is long, but it requires care.

Of course, the cheapest option is linoleum. It quickly keeps within, washes easily, is not afraid of water.Therefore, it never loses its relevance. A variety of patterns and colors allows you to choose the right linoleum for any room.

Relatively recently appeared cork flooring. It looks very nice and serves a long time. This coating is not afraid of damage.

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