Unusual black and white tattoos

Tattoos adorn the body and help stand out from the crowd. Some choose colored tattoos, while others prefer traditional ones. And why should you choose a black and white tattoo? And what will it mean?

A bit of history

In general, tattoos appeared a long time ago, and initially they were just black and white. So, about the drawings were written even in the Old Testament (the phrase "For the sake of the deceased, do not cut on your body and do not incriminate yourself writing"). And if you believe this information, the tattoo appeared before our era.

But there is direct evidence. For example, drawings were found on ancient Egyptian mummies found in the pyramids. Also, the image was found on the pharaoh, who lived 4 thousand years ago. And there was also a tattoo with the leader of the Scythians, who died in the 5th century BC.

At first, various ornate ornaments were used as images, later they began to draw animals or different mythical creatures. It was believed that some signs could change the fate of a character or bring good luck.

But also tattoos were used and as labels.In ancient Egypt, they were made by representatives of the nobility, and in ancient Rome tattooed slaves and criminals. In Japan, marks were made on the forehead for every crime committed. And in the Middle Ages, sailors began to make tattoos, and for them they were talismans and talismans.


So why is it worth making a black and white tattoo?

  • It will have clear contours and look more strictly.
  • Black is combined with any colors of clothes (this is especially important for girls).
  • Beautiful black and white tattoos look stylish and never go out of style.
  • In black and white you can make any tattoo. So, some symbolic patterns and ethnic patterns do not tolerate the presence of other tones.
  • Such a tattoo burn out much slower than the color.
  • Black pigments are more natural and safe.
  • Black and white tattoos are suitable for everyone. In general, before strict drawings were considered the prerogative of men, but today they are chosen by girls.
  • Applying a black and white tattoo is cheaper because multi-colored paint is more expensive.

What do they mean?

What is the meaning of black and white tattoos? In general, at all times black was the color of darkness, grief, sadness, sadness, and the other world. In part, this is true, but in the modern world it has acquired a different meaning.

So, black drawings are considered semantic, that is, it is not just a colorful, bright and stylish drawing, but an image in which a special meaning is embedded. If during the creation of color tattoos, emphasis is placed precisely on brightness and originality, then in black and white attention is focused not on form, but on content.

The monochrome scale is extremely simple and clear, since there is no distraction to shades, which, by the way, can also carry a certain meaning. The master is a true artist who creates a symbolic drawing. Contrast is associated with clarity, so that the meaning almost immediately becomes clear.

Where should I make it?

Black and white tattoos can be done in any places. Men usually fill pictures on the arm (especially on the shoulder and forearm), on the back, on the shin or calf, chest, neck. As for girls, they more often choose several other zones: shoulder blades or the area between them, hips, wrists, feet, lower abdomen.

Anyway, the tattoo should not be too catchy and noticeable, it can create difficulties in everyday life (for example, when applying for a job).

Which one to choose?

The choice of tattoo will depend on your personal preferences, as well as on the meaning that you want to put in the image.But you can pay tribute to fashion and when choosing a tattoo take into account the latest trends.

The most popular options are:

  • Small tattoos in the form of silhouettes are becoming increasingly popular. This image is a figure that has a clear outline and is completely painted over with black paint.
  • A variety of ornaments are still relevant, for example, symbolic Celtic or intricate Oriental. Also in the fashion of ethnic themes. And such images look especially interesting in monochrome, that is, in black and white.
  • Many choose images of animals, both realistic and photo-like, and more simple, looking like children's pictures and having clear contours and simple shapes.
  • If you manage to find a good master, then you can make a 3D tattoo. In black and white, such images look no less stylish and bright than in the color gamut.

It remains only to wish to choose a suitable tattoo and make it. And so as not to regret, take responsibility for the choice.

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