Unusual scenarios on May 9 at school and kindergarten

What are the most common school events for Victory Day? That's right, the usual script for May 9 involves holding concerts in honor of veterans, building a red corner with a portrait gallery, laying flowers at the eternal flame, and sometimes inviting former combatants to tea parties.

Unusual scenarios on May 9 at school and kindergarten

Interesting script for May 9 at school

And what if you come up with such a scenario for May 9 at school, an event for which will be interesting to all viewers - both schoolchildren and veterans. For example, if the weather is available, the celebration can be transferred to nature or even come to visit the grandparents who lived in the nearby areas who took part in the hostilities, help them with the housework, cook something tasty. And only then, at evening tea with the most delicious buns, to ask them not only about sorties and special missions, but also front-line friends,about loved ones whom they met (and possibly lost) in the war, how the holidays were organized in the war, what their life was made of, and about many, many other things that so often remain behind the scenes of the Victory Day scenarios!

The older generation will be thrilling to remember the young years, and the children will be happy to find out what else the life of the front-line soldiers consisted of, besides performing dangerous operations and conducting combat operations.

What scenario of the May 9 holiday will be remembered for a long time?

Unusual scenarios on May 9 at school and kindergarten

Of course, unbanal and invented with a soul. For example, the same concert by May 9 can be diluted by reading front-line poems and letters that were written in those years and were kept by each fighter as the greatest treasure.

The idea of ​​a theatrical script for May 9 at school

And theatrical performances can be presented in a slightly different format, showing not just dance numbers on the school stage, but whole sketches or mini-performances staged in excerpts from your favorite or just popular books about wartime. For example, you can theatrically show the first love story, arising between two very young defenders of the fatherland or to describe the whole heroism of a single feat.

The unofficial part of the script for May 9

Unusual scenarios on May 9 at school and kindergarten

And after the concert, not only veterans, but also the younger generation can be invited to the table. It will be especially touching if every schoolboy cooks any goodies for such a table with his own hands - he will bake a cake or cookies, prepare a salad or bring fruit compote. And in this relaxed atmosphere, it will be much easier for both generations to communicate by asking questions that really interest them. Such a scenario of the May 9 holiday may be a little different from the accepted standards for the celebration of Victory Day, but it will certainly turn out to be a more sincere and truthful event.

Solemn meeting on May 9 - script for school

Unusual scenarios on May 9 at school and kindergarten

Every year, in honor of Victory Day, a rally on May 9 is held on the main streets of our country's cities, the scenario of which is usually pre-thought out and approved by local authorities.

However, you can add a little variety to this scenario. For example, if you organize a small rally within your school, then you can make its route really exciting for all children.

In addition to the usual places where flowers are placed on the grave of an unknown soldier, to eternal fire and a stella fallen in righteous combat, one can conduct a unique excursion to the places of military glory of his city.It will be interesting and useful for schoolchildren to find out in what places the trenches were digging, and where shelters from bombing were located, dugouts and dugouts, on what fields fierce battles were fought, and which buildings were used by German officers to locate their headquarters.

Perhaps there are some little-known monuments to the heroes of the fighting or abandoned graveyards of the Great Patriotic War in your city - all this with proper preparation using information from libraries and historical and museums of your native land will help you to create a quite interesting route for the school rally, accompanied by stories and a demonstration of photographs of those years.

Children's script May 9 for kindergarten and primary school

In elementary school and kindergarten, children most often still do not understand the horror of the war, therefore, you need to be as careful as possible to tell them about it and prepare them for the May 9 holiday. Coming up with a children's script for May 9, it is better to avoid cruel details, focusing on the fact that everything ended up well and the veterans returned home.

Unusual scenarios on May 9 at school and kindergarten

As gifts to veterans in this case, children's crafts are ideal - in kindergarten kids will needhelp adults, and in elementary school, children will be able to cope with the manufacture of souvenirs on their own. Short poems and stories, color drawings and handicrafts will fall in handy here. You can organize a small concert at which the guys will show their talents, and after that - arrange a joint sweet table and treat the veteran guests with cakes, tea, sweets and fruit. This, of course, is better to take care of the parents of the little ones.

Alternatively, instead of a concert, you can arrange a joint viewing of a movie on a military theme (the only condition is that it should not be very cruel), after which a discussion of the plot on the topic shown, supplementing the stories of veterans and questions from young viewers, will be a logical continuation.

The best script for May 9 for veterans

Thinking through the scenario for May 9 for veterans, perhaps the surest decision would be to take into account in it what the veterans themselves would like to see at their holiday. Certainly, they are touched by the concert and congratulations from children's lips will be pleasant, they will gladly sit down at the festive table and will not give up the front 100 grams.

But they will also be very happy and exciting on this festive day to meet with the old front-line comrades, friends in the trench, all those with whom they have traveled along this long and difficult path. Find out if there is an opportunity to organize a meeting of people who fought together, overcome obstacles and shared the last piece of bread, then why not take advantage of it? This moment of the meeting will not leave the older generation indifferent! They will have something to share, what to tell each other and what to keep silent about - these people, who fought side by side in one brigade, company and they managed to keep this memory for life, passed through too much. Stories about the post-war life, about children and grandchildren will decorate this festive evening, front-line friends will remember their youth and with pleasure will sing the songs of that time with chorus.

... Or maybe they can lay down the script for May 9, otherwise, maybe they can even find someone's front love — that loud girl who served as a nurse in the same division as a young fighter? Now, of course, both have become honored veterans and all their lives behind them, but this meeting will stir up the strings of the soul and force them to pick up an old photo from the archive with a simple inscription on the back: “I kiss.

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