Useful tips for those who want to work in the police

Useful tips for those who want to work in the policeWork in law enforcement in our country has become one of the most prestigious and respected. State benefits, a pension after 25 years of experience, a constantly growing salary, extra long-service allowances are the main advantages for any person to want to get a job with the police. But for this, according to the law “On Police”, it is necessary to meet certain rather tough requirements. And here we will write down what you need to get to the police.

Basic requirements for police work

A capable citizen of the Russian Federation can be hired (he must know Russian at the proper level and reside permanently in Russia), regardless of race, social status, nationality or religion.

The candidate must be between the ages of 18 and 35, without a criminal record (administrative violations are not considered), with a completed secondary education (for middle and top officer positions - appropriately higher or secondary special) and excellent health.Although military service is not one of the conditions for working in the police, young people who have served in the armed forces are given preference.

The candidate has no right to engage in any type of commercial activity. He should not be higher or lower in the hierarchical system of police posts than his relatives (if any).Useful tips for those who want to work in the police

How to get to the police?

Passing psychophysiological testing, testing for alcohol and drug addiction is a prerequisite for your employment in the glorious ranks of the police. In addition, the applicant must have certain personal, business and moral qualities.

Initially, you need to contact the personnel department of the police department you need and write a statement on a special sample, collect the necessary documents and references. Your biography will be carefully checked and studied. If there is a vacant place, then you can claim it. You can find out about such vacancies with the help of specialized sites on the Internet.Useful tips for those who want to work in the police

After writing the application, you will pass a compulsory medical commission (after which you will be given a certificate in the prescribed form) and a psychological examination.In one of the resolutions, the Government of the Russian Federation established a certain list of diseases that would not allow the applicant to get a job in the police. Tumors (malignant and benign), diseases of the nervous or endocrine system, grade 3 and higher cancers, mycoses of internal organs, hepatitis, problems of the circulatory system or the gastrointestinal tract and many, many others have contributed there. You can find a complete list of these diseases on your own.

As for the various psychological tests, you should not treat them lightly, because at this stage, about a third of all candidates are rejected. Tests are divided into written and oral - these tasks will determine the level of intellectual, psychological and emotional development of the applicant. These results will help to select the appropriate position in the police. An oral interview is conducted to test a person’s determination, his reaction to stressful situations.Useful tips for those who want to work in the police

If all the conditions are met, then you will be taken to the service with a probation period of about six months.
As you can see, the work of the police is becoming more complex and demanding.And if you decide to link your life with this profession, then go for it!

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