"Vacations" and 6 more films about how to spend the summer

Not sure how to spend this summer? The heroes of the films that are presented in our today's selection will prompt a couple of reckless choices!

"Love on the island", 2005

Caribbean - what could be cooler for a vacation? Probably nothing! So a young girl named Jenny Taylor (Amanda Bynes) thought and decided that she definitely did not want to spend her holidays in a stuffy metropolis, so she went to a tropical island. It’s true, to work, but it doesn’t prevent her from having a good time with her friends, to deceive and fall in love with a famous rock musician, to give up on him and fulfill her old dreams. A good vacation like that turned out, and most importantly, memorable! The game of heroes is amazing, the atmosphere is inviting, and the humor is not vulgar. Eh, Amanda, Amanda, and what did not you play in comedies? It was so good ...

In the Flight, 2008

If you are: a) a musician or any other creative person; b) a girl has thrown you (or a guy); c) you want to escape from your stuffy town and forget yourself - then you should definitely go to Hawaii,as did the main character (Jason Segel) comedy "In Flight". Did he regret? Not at all! Did he rest? Five years ahead! Did you find a new girlfriend? Find out if you look. In the comedy there is no convoluted plot or intricate puzzles - everything is elementary simple, you don’t even have to think. You can safely enjoy, laugh heartily (the humor of heroes and an abundance of jokes that presupposes) and plan your trip!

“Formula of love for prisoners of marriage”, 2009

When family life flies to hell, there is only one way out - to fly to a tropical island under the program to strengthen marriage. Here you will be told how to build your relations correctly, how to compromise, how to preserve what is left and not to destroy the already created. Work to be serious. Rest is also supposed - as without him! And such that will be remembered for a long time. The film is worth seeing couples who tortured routine and who just need to escape from everyday problems. Know that you are not alone!

"All inclusive, or All Inclusive", 2011

The favorite place of Russian tourists is Turkey. Here you can eat as much as you like, bargain in the market and swim in the sea, warm and clean.Only you need to fly here not forcedly, like the protagonist of the comedy (Mikhail Bespalov), but with pleasure, friends and good mood. If everything is in order with the last three points, do not hesitate and go to rest. And Andrei (Bespalov's character), let him himself resolve the situation with the oligarch, his wife and daughter, who fell in love with the very ears.

“We are the Millers”, 2013

If you want to go to Mexico, it is not necessary to owe a large amount of money to a large drug dealer and in a hurry to “concoct” a fictitious family. You can simply get a passport, visa, buy vouchers and start an exciting journey. David Clark (Jason Sudeykis) such a plan seemed too simple and boring, so I had to invent my own, including a fake name, family, van, many ironic jokes, unwillingness to admit mistakes and a lot of problems that need to be solved clearly and quickly.

Mixed, 2014

Africa is an ideal place for a family holiday, as well as for meeting your second half. Here the wild animals walk by themselves, the hotels are tasty fed and you can meet interesting people.In a word, time will fly by unnoticed, especially if you go to this heavenly place with a divorced woman who failed to meet blindly. And if you still do not know about it and take your children along with you, then the rest will be triple interesting! In general, Africa is the place where you can forget, fill up your photo album with chic pictures, have a good time and change your life for the better.

"Vacation", 2015

What could be better than traveling through the whole country with your beloved family to an amusement theme park? Of course, the adventures that await on the road! Rusty Griswold (Ed Helms) is one of those fathers who by all means want to make a real vacation for their family! The family, however, agrees with work and even regrets about the deed somewhere, especially the sons. But Rusty will not hurt ... The situations that they will have to get on the way to the park, the people they will have to communicate with, a lot of strange events around - all this will make you smile, remember your trips with the family and will certainly push you to another adventure.

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