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Vegetarian Barbecue Recipes

If you’re hosting a barbecue this weekend and are after some great vegetarian options, we’ve got you covered for excellent alternative burger and skewer recipes, which make the most of our favourite barbecue veg.

This aubergine burger recipe is ideal if you’re either vegetarian yourself or catering for guests who are as it means they don’t have to miss out on stacking a burger up with their favourite ingredients and condiments. If you really wanted to take it to another level, then roasting some red peppers and adding them to the mix adds a little extra sweetness, which is perfectly complimented by the slab of goats’ cheese in the middle.

If you’re making skewers for the meat-eaters, why not also make some skewers for the vegetarians in the group. We have a great recipe for halloumi, aubergine and pepper kebabs that use varying textures and flavours for a really delicious result. You can also add your favourite veg – roast onions are always delicious, as are cherry tomatoes.

Our spicy mushroom and halloumi burger is seasoned to perfection and because both Portobello mushrooms and halloumi are quite meaty ingredients, this is a really filling burger to enjoy. The mushroom becomes perfectly juicy whereas the halloumi takes on that smokey barbecue flavour for a really delicious combination. With some salad leaves or relish, this is always a big hit with everyone at a gathering. Even meat-eaters will happily forgo choosing a sausage or beef burger for one of these!

You can also have a go at experimenting and slicing your favourite veg thinly and sticking them on the barbecue. They make great additions to salads you can serve at the barbecue too.

Vegetarian barbecue recipes are always a hit at a gathering and they’ll be loved by both vegetarians and committed carnivores. Mix things up a little by trying some of our delicious vegetarian barbecue recipes.

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