# very funny: dogs before and after haircuts

Sonya Morsikova July 28, 2016

The “Before and After” rubric, this time from the animal world. Photographer Grace Chon is working on a photo project, Hairy (“Shaggy”), in which she uploads portraits of dogs to Instagram before and after shearing. The idea of ​​the project came to Grace in the canine beauty salon, when she noticed the unexpected transformation of fluffy customers. Grace has come a long way to emphasize this in her work: for starters, I found the owners of the Maltese lapdogs, Spitz, Pekingese, and other decorative breeds who agreed not to cut their pets for quite a long time (note that we always see polished and groomed). When the models were overgrown and turned into gangsters from the main road, the best masters of Los Angeles worked on them.

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