Wall Original Wheels from Hot Wheels

Today, intending to arrange a real Formula One race at home, there is no need to look for a separate room or to clear the space of various obstacles. This will help you wall tracks Hot Wheels http://hot-wheels.kiev.ua/nastennye-treki, which easily pass through the walls and on the floor. At the same time, a reliable and secure fastening system, using a special adhesive tape Command, will completely secure your child. Firmly fixed track allows you to simultaneously use multiple machines. Another advantage is that track connections are universal and are combined in various combinations, allowing the use of any type of machine in this series. Thus, fascinating races, which every boy can only dream of, are quite real in any home. And will be a great gift to your child.

Track Building Technology

A novelty in the world of toys. The track is very easy to assemble, connecting with each other with special fixings.It is attached to the wall with double-sided special tape, which also leaves no traces. And it is only the flight of fantasy that determines the impressive tricks, the variety and speed of the possibilities of the game. The track wall is already mechanized, which allows you to run several basic machines from the set at once. And here they are, these crazy car races. In the kit there is also a super poster, which can be attached to the wall and create an even more realistic atmosphere of the game. Among children there is a very popular wall track, which is also called the Serpentine Tower. It is equipped with a motorized elevator, lifting cars up and returning them back to the start, while ensuring a continuous game. Each track has its own uniqueness, providing a variety of tests and entertainment. There may be threatening monsters, moving saws and other surprises. The machine that the monster ate out of the competition through the hatch and starts all over again, from the tower. Well, are you up for the challenge? Then go ahead! The range of machines for tracks is constantly changing, which allows you to enjoy the competition again and again.New transformations of machines, altered tracks and obstacles on them - all this simply captures you and your child. And recently, an innovative series of tracks with cars turning into balls has become very popular. To do this, simply throw on the floor auto-ball and it instantly transforms into a stylish car that is already racing ahead. Of all the variety of models presented in the viewers, super heroes, fantastic creatures or animals, everyone can choose for themselves an option to their liking.

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